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Summer activities for kids in mumbai 2019

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Want to beat the heat this summer? then, enroll in summer activities which is the best way to shove the heat away. Mumbai has some of the best activities for kids to keep them occupied during their summer vacations. Kids have incredible activities to enroll during their vacations, like camping, tourist adventure, trekking, art workshop, music classes, and even religiously affiliated summer camps. Most of the events for kids on Events High website help kids develop in all different fields and in categories. In specific, some of the events help kids learn, explore, to develop independence, and to embrace differences and even to develop new interests and hobbies. So scroll down to check out the best events and activities to engage yourself this summer.

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Best Summer Activities in mumbai - Develop New Skills, Interests & Hobbies with EventsHigh 2019

Summer camps are one of the best ways kids get to spend their summer vacations. These camps were started with an aim to let the kids give a bit of peak into things that they can learn apart from the academics. 

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An ideal summer camp would be a camp or woody stay areas with hiking, canoeing, and campfire facilities for the campers. Summer camps in general offer a wide variety of specialized activities both indoors and outdoors. Most of the camps are along the lines of performing arts, music, computers, language learning, mathematics, weight loss and more. Summer camps also mainly focus on practical sessions and lessons that lets the campers explore, take risks, learn and develop their individuality. Hence making this one of the most important aspect while the kids still get to enjoy their summer breaks too. 

Generally summer camps go on for a time span of one or more days. Some include stay, a camp routine, learning sessions through the day, application sessions, entertainment, meeting other campers, campfire sessions and more! Kids are encouraged to develop their own style of learning to do various things. A camp away from home for a couple of days sure excites them. This also lets them become a bit independant and social to be able to be around campers from various backgrounds. 

Around the world, every country and every culture has developed it’s own way to help the kids explore and learn apart from the academics over the years. In India as seen the Summer Camp trend has been going massive among the kids and parents. Mainly because the kids get to focus on their personal interests be it sports, technology, adventure, science, apart from the academics, Summer Camps have caught on as one of the most happening ‘things to do’ during summer vacations.

Even better if the kids get to escape away from the usual routine to explore, learn and develop their own interests. Keeping these in mind, Summer Camps in all the major cities in India have been focusing on a very entertaining set-up for the kids to learn and grow. While the ultimate motive behind these summer camps is for the kids to be able to learn, letting them think outside the box is a very important aspect too. Kids need to know that their interests are best considered, be it sports, adventure, science, literature, art and anything that triggers their interest.

Events High brings to your kids Summer Camps, in 3 major cities (Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi) with massive wide options to pick from. Kids are allowed to explore and learn while their safety is also a priority. Professional organizations have opened up to become fun learning grounds for the kids. The kids also get to learn from certified trainers. Instructors who are dedicated educate them in interesting and fun ways, ultimately focusing on helping them master what they learn.

Summer Camps that way, focus on the smallest interests of the kids be it travel, math, technology, drama or any sort of art for that matter.

Why Summer Camps:

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Lets them Explore & Learn:

Unlike a class that goes by the a written textbook material, Summer Camp learning sessions focus on a more practical way of learning the subject. Campers get to understand and develop new methods of learning that are convenient for them. They have the time away from all the hassle to learn through observing and analyzing various aspects. They are encouraged and nudged towards exploring with a ‘why not’ attitude that lets them learn much more than in a classroom and textbook setup.

Lets them develop Independence:

As scary as this may sound, it is healthy to let the kids learn things independently so that they develop the art of learning despite the situations they are in. Activities at a camp let them learn things on their own, this in turn gives them strength and adds a strong base to a positive attitude about themselves.

Lets Them Embrace Difference:

The campers at a camp are all not the same. The kids are going to be interacting with other kids from various backgrounds & lifestyle. The campers are motivated to see the positive and appreciate the differences while on a team activity or even making friends in general.

Lets them develop New Interests & Hobbies:

Kids explore their strengths and interests towards certain things while at Summer Camps. Especially if the summer camp was something they showed a hint  towards, they tend to develop a strong sense of interest or just another fun hobby to take back to their normal lives. These interests trigger a sense of passion that also might help them master what they learn.

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