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About Simply Body Talk

It is our aim to help individuals and corporates improve the effectiveness of their interactions and communication messages in all walks of life. We specialise in nonverbal behaviour and non verbal communication, especially body language. We conduct standard and personalised workshops at different venues. We work one on one with senior managers, entrepreneurs and budding employees to help them improve their body language. We also tutor working professionals like doctors, lawyers, photographers to better understand what their counterparts are signalling through their nonverbal signals. For corporates we offer packages to consult employees understand the true meaning of their gestures and expressions. We consult ad agencies to improve the message of their advertisements. We have also been a part of investor meetings and HR interviews to take a call on individuals based on their unspoken messages.

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C223, Eastern Bussiness District 3-6, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Ganesh Nagar,, Bhandup, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400078
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