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Upcoming Running Events in Mumbai - 5K, 10K, Half & Full Marathon in Mumbai

Here is all you have to know about running events in Mumbai. Mumbai is one of the cities in the country that takes fitness to a serious level. Some of the strenuous distance Mumbai marathons have are Full and half marathons. Indian Army Welfare, Tata Mumbai Marathon and Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit are some of the famous runs under the category of Full and half marathon in Mumbai. Hiranandani Powai Run and Tribute run, and Navi Mumbai run are famous for its 10k and 5k marathon in Mumbai. Browse through these upcoming marathons in Mumbai to participate in the next marathon.

Marathon in Mumbai - Upcoming Running Events in Mumbai

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Marathon In Mumbai

Those planning to participate in a marathon or for those looking for information on marathons, here is a small note on marathon events in Mumbai. 

There are also a ton of fitness events such as cyclothons and marathons in Mumbai that are fast gaining ground. The city has always been famous for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, now called the Tata Mumbai Marathon, but there are many other marathon events held in the city all year round.

Mumbai is slowing transforming into a city filled with fitness fanatics who choose exercise as their preferred way to unwind. At parks, you see locals walking, jogging and exercising early in the mornings and late at night.

Full Marathon In Mumbai

A 42 kilometer full marathon requires participants to be extremely fit and fully focused. Hence, it is suited to professional runners and those with high endurance levels. Beginners and moderately-skilled runners who would like to participate need to train at least a year in advance if they hope to compete in this gruelling race.

Experienced runners can start training 5 to 6 months prior to participating in the full marathon. Besides physical training, participants will have to work on endurance keep a strict diet to ensure they stay in shape.

Popular Full Marathons In Mumbai: Indian Army Welfare - Independent Run 2018 and Tata Mumbai Marathon.

Half Marathon In Mumbai

Although it is not as strenuous as a full marathon, the 21 kilometre half marathon can be a bit of a challenge to complete. The race is ideal for experienced runners and those who have covered 10K runs before and are looking to up their game.

Preparation for a half marathon race should not be taken lightly. You will want to be fit and ready for the race. It is best to start training at least 6 months to a year in advance as you don’t want to overstress your body by starting your training regiment late.

Popular Half Marathons In Mumbai: Save Water Run, Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit and the Race For Freedom 5K Run/Walk.

10K Marathon In Mumbai

The 10K run is not as challenging as a full and half marathon as it is just 10 kilometres. Even so, runners have to have a fair level of fitness and stamina.

Those with no experience or low fitness levels can start training for a 10K marathon about 8 months to a year before the race. Runners who have limited or medium fitness levels can start to train about 6 months in advance.

Popular 10K Marathons In Mumbai: Mumbai Juniorthon and Hiranandani Powai Run.

5K Marathon In Mumbai

A 5K marathon is the easiest of all races to complete, being only 5 kilometres long. Runners with medium fitness levels can participate in the 5K marathon races. As the race is short, it does not require strenuous training programs. However, it will serve you well if you train and prepare well for the race to avoid injury and fatigue at least 3-4 months in advance.

Popular 5K Marathons In Mumbai: Tribute Run, Navi Mumbai Lets Run and the 5K free run at the Mumbai Half Marathon.

What Is Provided At Marathon Events In Mumbai?What Is Provided At Marathon Events In Mumbai?

-  Energy drinks, fruits, and fruit juices
- T-shirts
- Numbered bibs
- Medals for winners and certificates for participants
- Pictures of the event (available for a fee)
- Snacks after the race
- Medical resources

Where To Register For Upcoming Running Events In Mumbai

You can book your place in the Mumbai Marathon or any of the upcoming running events in Mumbai on The site has an in-depth information about the marathon events in Mumbai. Booking tickets on the website is an easy task and payments can be made via a secure payment gateway. Eventshigh has an app that you can use to book tickets. A highlight of the website is the invite friends button, through which you can invite your friends to participate in the marathon events in Mumbai. The site also has reviews of events to make it easier for users to know what to expect.

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