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About Royal Opera House, Mumbai

The Royal Opera House in Mumbai is the only standing of its kind in the country. The Opera House had tough time being established as what it is right now. The old building, inaugurated in 1911 was still under construction and set up till 1915. A while later in 1993 the Opera House was shut down completely. 

The Royal Opera Building was revived again in 2008 and after 8 years the work was complete in 2016. The area where the Opera Building stands has quite a number of jwellers, IT and metal company’s and is one of the busiest parts in the city. The structure of the building blends both European and Indian architectural structures. One of the main reasons for the delay in the completion of the Opera House was the addition that was added for quite a while till 1915. The building was made of Italian Marble and carefully added to the pinnacle were structures of 2 Cherubs.

The ‘Sans Souci’, a uniquely studded chandelier, donated by the David Sasoon family stands adoring the hall. The interiors of the Opera Hall are very well set up with orchestra stalls and cane chairs that makes one feel home in no time. The acoustics of the stage are very well set in a way that every word from the stage resounds with clarity to the audience. During the restoration, the balconies and roof were on the highest priorities list and has been restored to the best condition. In January 2013, the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee approved of the restoration plans. 

After 23yrs the Royal Opera House proudly hosted the live performance of Patricia Rozario and Mark Troop in October 2016.


Mathew Rd, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004
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