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About Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is one of the fun activities for adventure lovers. The activity can either be along natural rock formations while on a trek or even on an artificial rock wall. The Rock Climbers goal is to hit the top and use the smaller rock formations as grip to achieve it. 

There are also professional Rock Climbing activities that test either the speed of the Rock Climber or the stamina on a difficult Rock climbing route. The sport activity requires physical and mental presence of mind throughout. Starting with the climber having to analyze his climb up to being able to balance the weight of his body while taking grips of the rock formations. 

The less complicated level of Rock Climbing makes for a great outdoor activity in general. Rock climbing along rock formations in the hills is definitely worth the adrenaline rush. Campsites also make sure that the rock climbing spot isn’t a dangerous challenge for adventure lovers on a trip. There are usually climbing equipments that make the sport more convenient and a much safer, fun thing to do. To help with the sport, there are usually no climbing the rocks downward as the complications are mostly high while climbing down and backwards.

History of Rock Climbing:

History shows a 200 BC of when the Chinese men used to Rock Climb and later in the 1880’s Rock Climbing became an independent pursuit apart from Mountain Climbing being an adventure activity too.

Rock Climbing Now:

The current method of Rock Climbing can simply be labeled as Free Rock Climbing as the climber uses the rock climbing equipment only for protection and not as a support in itself to climb. 

Aid Climbing is a style of climbing that lets the climber use the climbing equipment for support while climbing. 

Bouldering is also a form of climbing, mostly without the safety rope, but the climb is still on a shorter and lower rock formations.

Why Rock Climbing:

While there are various other styles of Rock Climbing the most fun and simplest forms of Rock Climbing is usually included in as adventure activities for adventure lovers. These can either be indoor or outdoor Rock Climbing. These help the climber experience adventure sport, though not full fledged professional climbing, at least as one of the fun things to do on an adventure camp in the hills. 

As a part of most Adventure Trips or treks, there are usually sessions of Rock Climbing or Bouldering to let the participants experience some fun adventure.

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