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About Rappelling

Rappelling is one of the most sought out adventure activities. The word Rappel or abseil a french name, which means ‘To rope down’. The sport is exactly what it describes, a controlled vertical drop using a rope. Climbers use this technique to cross the cliff that is too Rescue teams also use to reach out to injured victims.

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The process of climbing is done by climbing ropes, suspended from a grip on the higher ground. The rappeler then drops his way down in a controlled steady speed. The anchor for rappelling is usually trees or boulders that give a good grip to the climber's weight. 

The usual rappelling spots have a fixed anchors in the spot. Rappelling is also used in Climbing, when one needs to access the lower ground for another route, in Canyoning where the jumps from cliffs would be too risky, adventure racing, rescue missions and more.

Types of Rappelling:

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Classical Rappelling: This also one of the most risky of the kinds of Rappelling that can be done. This does not involve any other safety equipment other than the rope to descend down. This is only done under emergencies.

South African Classical Rappelling: This is less risky than the classical method. This provides better support for the body

Releasable Rappelling: This kind of rappelling is done with the help of a guide, for an inexperienced rappeler. The rappeler descend using the unlocked end of the strand. The guide unlocks and lowers the rappeler. This is generally used with inexperienced rappeler or when a rappeler needs help to be descending down. 

Counterbalance Rappelling: This is generally for when one rappeler, particularly the leader needs to give a hand helping the injured second. 

Australian Rappelling: Rappelling done with facing down while descending. 

Tandem Rappelling: Tandem involves two rappelers. Mostly used while on rescue missions where the other rappeler could descend faster. The main rappellers harness is used as the backup during the rescue.

Simultaneous Rappelling: Where two climbers descend simultaneous. This is usually considered let safe than the usual Rappelling. However, in case of  an emergency this kind of rappelling helps. The weight of both the rappelers is managed with the force and speed which the rappeler descends with. 

Rappelling is completely one of the purest forms of adventure activities. While it is quite risky, under proper supervision of an experienced guide, this is going to be one of the fun adventure activities for adventure junkies.

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