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About Prabalgad Fort

117 km from Pune, lies this historic allure of the Prabalgad Fort, also known as Muranjan or Pradhangad. Built during the Bahmani Sultanate period, this is a location for trekking as well as learning. Rising high to about 2300 feet in the Western Ghats, the fort stands tall. It is built on a rocky plateau and has a steep climb from the base village of Shedung.

This trek is a great experience and leaves with an amount of rock cuts and there are no safety railings giving you a sense of adventure. The challenges are well complimented with the view from the peak. You can witness the magnificent sunrise along with spotting a few of the well know Forts like Metharan, Vikatgad and many more.

Distance from Pune - 117 km

Difficulty Level - easy

Trekking Time - one and a half hours

Altitude - 2300 ft

Best Season - October to May

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