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About Parasailing

Also known as Paracending or Parakiting, this is one fun activity that every adventure junkie would love to experience. This fun sport activity involves a person with a parasail wing attached to them, towed behind a boat in most cases or even a moving car or a truck. Unlike paragliding, parasailing is a light sport that gets the person to have a fun experience. The boat acts as an anchor and the person who is parasailing drifts with the wind behind the moving vehicle. 

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The activity can be as fun, having more than just one person anchored to the same vehicle. There are also land-based parasailing where the anchor is a moving truck or a car. This fun activity has received quite an appreciation abroad that they have competitive parasailing games while still enjoying the fun!

As opposed to a water based parasailing, in a land-based activity, the parasail is made sure to be at its maximum height and then the tow line is released. The parasailer flies at an accurate speed trying to hit the target on the ground. This form of sport from the 80's is one of the popular sport forms that attracted a lot of attention at the first International competitions that were held in the 80's.

Recently there have been quite a few parasailing operations in India, that is seeing a rising interest and attention from a lot of adventure junkies and even people who are constantly looking for some new, fun sport things to do and to be able to do it differently.

Origin Of Parasailing

The first ascending and easy gliding kind of parachute was done by Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne in 1962. The ascending-gliding parachute was trade-named as parasail when Jaques-Andre bought the licence to manufacture more of those in 1963.

 1974 saw Mark McCulloh's launch of a self-contained Parasail along with a recovery vessel. This improvised version turned out to be the 'winchboat', setting a standard model for a Parasail Wing. Later, Brian Gaskin in 1976, created and tested a wide-winged canopy and named it 'Waterbird'. This design of Parasail, however, made better sense as it had facilities to harness a tow that can act as an anchor when the parasailer is sporting over the water. It was also in terms of safety measures that most parasailers shifted to the 'Waterbird'. In April 2013, the first ASTM parasail weather standard was approved.

Know-How's of Parasailing

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Before you  get on with your fun adventure of attempting a Parasailing Activity, as a true sport, here are a few things to consider.

1. Just like every other fun activity that involves being up in the air, parasailing has it's own tricky business too. It is good to have a check on the surrounding areas where the activity is taking place.

2. The Parasailer needs to be familiar with handling the parasailing wing, especially with being able to control it and to be able to balance while they are up in the air.

3. It is totally a light-hearted, fun activity. However, avoiding alcohol before attempting the sport would help one have a clearer picture of being in right senses while still enjoying the sport.

4. While there is no exact age limit for Parasailing, usually, the activity takes the body weight under consideration. You might want to check with the respective sport organiser regarding the details on the weight limit. 

5. As a fun sport, kids will love being up in the air and gliding down too. But it is always necessary that an adult accompanies them on the activity, considering their safety. 

While all this is necessary, an experience of prior parasailing isn't necessary! You can either choose to touch the water while parasailing or not. Either ways it is a fun sport that you wouldn't want to miss out on, if you are the kind of curious sport, always on the lookout to try something new!

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