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About Panchgani

As the name suggests, Panchgani is a quaint place perched between five magnificent hills. Offering some of the most amazing viewpoints of the hills, this place is one the most favourite and easy getaways and top destinations for trekking near Mumbai

Stretching for about 95 acres, this is one of the longest mountain plateau in Asia, with a viewpoint that lets you spot the famous Devil's Kitchen caves. What once was found by the British Raj as a summer resort, has been quite the tourist spot for nature lovers these days. The place also was once set up as the retirement spot for British officials.

Perfectly located in between five hills and with five small villages surrounding the hill station, Panchgani offers a scenic retreat to visitors. The beautiful hill station is also known for its Strawberry farms and delicious strawberries. The place even hosts a Strawberry Festival during summers.

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