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About Kolad River Rafting

If you’re ever looking for an adventurous escape close to Mumbai or Pune, an excellent choice would be to choose Kolad river rafting. Hidden away in the Sahyadri range of mountains, Kolad is a popular tourist destination that offers a number of exciting adventure sports. Though you can enjoy other activities such as rappelling, kayaking, zip lining, and rock climbing, the best choice is Kundalika River rafting, Kolad’s most exciting activity for travellers. The river is one of the fastest flowing water bodies in the south, making it the perfect destination for river rafting. The river’s entire 14 km stretch boasts powerful Grade II and III rapids that can be a challenge. You need not worry though, as there are plenty of Kolad river rafting packages organised by experienced guides to make sure you’re safe the whole time.

Best Time for Kolad River Rafting:

Kolad river rafting is possible all throughout the year, thanks to the fairly pleasant weather at this destination. The climate remains quite warm and humid around the year, so a splash of water while rafting can feel quite refreshing. The most thrilling time to try white water rafting in Kolad would be during the monsoon season during the months of June to September. The surroundings are covered in a fresh carpet of green and the river swells up to create more challenging rapids. If you aren’t comfortable with the rain, you can try Kolad white water rafting Kundalika River in winter from October to March.

Kolad River Rafting Timings:

The pressure of the Kundalika River is controlled by a dam, which typically releases the water around 8:00 AM. Rafting activities take place only after the water is released from the dam and normally continues for an hour or two. On a very few rare occasions, the water is not released from the dam. In these cases, the entire fee for rafting activity will be reimbursed.

Types of Rapids to Experience in Kolad River Rafting:

The waters of the Kundalika River with different intensities depending on the terrain. When you go white water rafting in Kolad, you can experience different grades of rapids. The grades you will most likely deal with are Grade II and III.

Grade II: You’re likely to see these rapids at the beginning of your rafting activity. These rapids are quite easy in professional river rafting circles. You can expect to go through waves reaching up to three feet tall. You will go through wide channels and you and your team will have to try some manoeuvring to keep steady while the rapids rock your raft.

Grade III: Further down the river, you’ll meet grade 3 rapids, where you’ll have to manoeuvre through raging whitewater with waves rising up to four feet. You will also have to go through narrow passageways that might make the raft wobble around a lot and will have water gushing over the sides. You can be sure it is quite an exciting experience.

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