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About Kalavantin Durg

At the height of 2300 ft, Kalavantin Durg is one of the most approached. At the height of 2300 ft, Kalavantin Durg is one of the most approached tourist spots that is not very far from Mumbai. As a medium level difficulty trek, the place is one of the top destinations for trekking near Mumbai. The highlight of the trekking experience is the climb upto the pinnacle top of the hill. While the descend down the pinnacle is said to be a tough task, this is one of the most important and fun experiences during the trek.

The trails along the hill are of steps with no railings on side. The 2 to 3 ft wide rock cut stairs are of a great help for trekkers. Once the trekkers reach the top, they can explore the stretch of plateau along the hills. 

Along the 3 hour trek up to the peak, there are boulders and rocks that need to be crossed. The view points along the climb shows stunning stretches and the Prabalghad. The Kalavantin fort is again a must visit while on the trek. The lovely old architecture is one of the main attractions. 

The top view from the peak also show Matheran, Chanderi Peb and Ulhas River too. Trekking during monsoon might be a tough thing do along Kalavantin Durg because of the rocky stairs that make the trail. A trip here makes for a great weekend getaway.

Apart from trekking the Prabalghad village at the base shows some of the lovely country stretches and makes a great weekend away from a crowded Mumbai city.

How to get there?

Train from Mumbai to Panvel railway station 

Reach the state transport depot and hire a share autorickshaw till Thakurwadi village. 

The trek starts at the Thakurwadi Village. 

Places To Visit:

1.Lousia Point

2. Pisanarth Temple

3. Prabal Fort

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