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About Kaitlyn's Beer Garden

Greenery Mixes With Amazing Beer at Kaityn’s Beer Garden

                                                                                                Image Credit: Events High
Kaityn’s Beer Garden as the name suggests, is a garden themed brewery in Mumbai. Located at Mumbai’s one of the busiest roads, Hill Road this brewery is India’s first ever beer garden. In good old days, people used to brew the beers in their homes and enjoy in their backyards. Kaitlyn's Beer Garden has kept this tradition in mind, while designing the interiors of the brewery. The place provides a stark contrast to the concrete jungle of Mumbai because of its unconventional interiors. The entrance of the brewery is decorated with faux grass and the interiors have artificial tree barks reaching up to the roof. The minimal décor with grey cements walls and wooden chairs with pillars imitating the barks of a tree, make you feel as if you are sitting in a real garden.

                                                                                             Image Credit: Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden
The food menu comprises of simple Indian, Oriental and European cuisines which can be complemented very well with the drinks. Appetizers such as Prawn Spring Roll, Char Sui Pork, and Calamansi Potato, along with mains such as Dal Makhani, Margarita Pizza, and Kung Pao Chicken keep your stomach happy as you reach for your next glass of craft beer.

                                                                                              Image Credits: Events High
With the unique range of bottled and craft beers and beer- based desserts, this place is a dream destination for all the beer lovers. And despite being a brewery, it has multiple options for non- drinkers as well, so there’s something for everyone here! The menu has a great selection of brewed beers, naming a few, German Gaffel Kölsch, Hefeweizen, Warsteiner and the Belgian Hoegaarden, which can be enjoyed with soothing music and lively ambiance. Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is also planning to brew their very own special beers in new and innovative flavors.

                                                                                          Image Credit: Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden
With an ambience so spectacular, there are bound to be events that help keep the energy up. Musical nights are the most common events at Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, next to live sports screenings. Special nights, such as Ladies Night Out also take place from time to time.
Kaitlyn's Beer Garden is great place to hang out with friends over drinks in an unconventional ambiance which makes you forget about the chaotic lifestyle of Mumbai. The garden is a remarkable tough and it provides with a connection to nature that probably no other restaurant in Mumbai can give. So if you need a beer time-out, Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is the place to be!

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201 202, 2nd Floor, West Kadar Khan Chawl, Road Number 3, Hanuman Nagar, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400079
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