Holi Events and Parties in mumbai 2020

Celebrate Holi 2020 in mumbai. Book Holi Events & Parties in mumbai For March 2020

If you are a Mumbaikar then the city offers unbeatable events for you to reveal the colours of joy during the Holi festive season 2020. Every city has its unique way of celebrating the festival but Mumbai has decided to embrace the festival in one of the most stunning ways this March 2020. Holi in Mumbai is never going to be the same, the city offers all kinds of events from parties, camping events in the wilderness to luxurious staycations in resorts. Holi festival in Mumbai is going to be a swaggy Marathi style with exciting events. Here are some of the best Holi events in Mumbai to reveal the happy colours of the festive season!

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Holi in mumbai 2020 - Exciting Parties & Events on March 2020

Holi is best celebrated in Mumbai with family and friends and also with your loved one. The city is set to surprise you this Holi season with its unbeatable events in town. You can celebrate Holi the traditional way by attending Holika Dahan ceremony the night before or by partying with friends and share colours. Enjoy the festival with colours and water, also cherish the experience of night camping, live DJ performances, and bonfire along with scrumptious meals to make the experience even more memorable with Events High. 

Spend this season of colours at the best destinations in Mumbai like Revdanda Beach, Bhandardara Dam, Imagica Theme Park, and more. The festive spirit is rising with the best events for Holi in Mumbai, Mumbai welcomes all with undiminishing events and parties for you to let loose this festive seaosn. So get your tickets booked to party in great spirit and in many quirky ways.

Holi Parties in 5-Star Hotels

Some of the chicest and stylish party hangouts are at the 5 star and luxury hotels in Mumbai. Events High presents the best events for all at the best 5- star hotels in Mumbai. At Events High you will find just the right events at opulent and luxurious venues to celebrate the season of colors. Book tickets for Holi at 5- star hotels in Mumbai, party at the most luxurious venue in your city. Click here to know more about Holi parties in 5-star hotels.

Holi Parties with Stay

Here are events just for you to celebrate Holi all night long and not worry about getting back home late at night. Holi parties provide the best stay options for you to have a hassle-free experience. Holi parties with stay invite families, friends to choose to party in great convenience at these parties. Click here to know all about Holi parties with stay in Mumbai.

Holi Getaways

Holi is always fun when played out amidst nature, with live dhol, pool party, and with some bhang. As Holi is not just a celebration it is also about gathering and fellowship celebrating this way out in the yards and amidst a campfire is definitely loads of fun and a must thing to do to celebrate this Holi. Find out more about Holi Getaways in Mumbai.

Holi Party with Live Dhol

What is Holi without any live music? that might seem boring. This Holi is never going to be the same, for there are unlimited events in the city for Holi that will keep your feet tapping and moving to the beat. Holi events and parties with dhol performance are going to keep you all excited to celebrate usher this first big festival. Click here to know more about Holi parties with live Dhol performance in Mumbai.

Celebrate Holi at the Best Pool Parties

Check out the biggest Holi pool party in Mumbai on Events High. Hit the summer with your best outfits and splash into the pool to see vibrant colors all around you. Pool parties for Holi on Events High can be celebrated with great offers and exciting deals. Click here to know more about Holi pool parties.

Kids Friendly Events for Holi

Here are just the right Holi events for family and kids, friendly enough in all ways. With Events High you can celebrate Holi with family and also take your children along for such parties that are safe and kid-friendly oriented. The kids can also enjoy the festival with organic colors, live dhol, live performance and with great food. Find out kids friendly events in Mumbai.

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