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About Forest Hills Tala

Can Luxury be pure indulgence..yes the answer is Forest Hills @ Tala. A rare combination of privacy and indulgent luxury, Forest Hills, Tala, has been designed and built to exceed expectations. Tucked away in a forest close to the Tala caves, this Eco Retreat indulges the senses and helps rediscover a holistic sense of self as the pristine environment around you unravels.

Imagine acres abound of virginal landscape, ensconced in green gullies and serene water-bodies – all tapered standing tall on the edge of a valley, This is your private abode where time stands still and what remains is Utter Silence.

Image Credits: Facebook - Forest Hills Tala

This one-of-a-kind experience features in its midst carefully detailed Cottages, stunning Container Homes, spectacular Barn Cabins, captivating Tree Houses and a unique Glass House. Every time you pass by the mind this space for more....for The pink parrot, The Blue butterfly luxury container homes. The woodpecker and the camel cabin measure up to the expectation of being a luxury tent villa perched on level 2. For tree lovers , there is Tree Hopper and Tree Hugger overlooking the valley on level 4. Indulge in a grounding experience of camping up in the moonlight lit tents.

Seek thrills and chills with adventure sports like rappling, rock climbing, kayaking, valley crossing, Parallel Traverse, Mountain Biking. Nature trails and sight seeing at Tala Fort, Kuda caves, Murud Beach, Murud Janjira Fort will make you fit and trim.

So what are you waiting for......Luxury is at your door step...


Survey no. 157/9, Village-Taraste, Pitasai Kumbet Road, Post-Pitsai, Taluka-Tala, District-Raigad, Tala, Maharashtra 402111
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