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About Durshet

Durshet is a little village found on the banks of the river Amba, near Khopoli nestled in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. Due to its proximity to Mumbai it serves as a weekend getaway, away from the hustle bustle of the city to the lap of nature.

Image Credits: Flickr- Ankur P

Durshet is blessed with nature’s bounty, with extensive teak trees, Flame of the Forest and an occasional silver oak too. With its streams, lakes, sloppy hills, and rich flora and fauna, it is nothing less than a paradise for nature lovers.

Durshet is an ideal place for trekking and hiking. The mountain forts of Sarasgad and Sudhagad are popular forts for treks. The forts are historically significant also as these were under the reign of Shivaji Maharaj. The Kundalika River near Durshet is a popular hub for water sporting activities such as rappelling, river crossing, river rafting, and others. You can also head to Shri Ballaleshwar Temple of Pali and Shri Varad Vinayak Temple of Mahad. Both the temples are dedicated to Lord Ganesha and lie on either side of the Durshet village.

How to reach?

Since Durshet is distanced close to Mumbai (76 kms), the best way to reach here is via road. There are state transport buses from Mumbai towards Khopoli, from there rickshaw or cab can be hired to reach Durshet.

Khopoli Railway station is the nearest to Durshet, approximately 15kms away. There are daily local trains from Mumbai that run to Khopoli.

Things to do:

-Trekking/ Hiking

-River rappelling

-Rock climbing

-Bird Watching (drongos, doves, parakeets, shrikes, bulbuls and warblers can be spotted)

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