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About Doolally Taproom - Kemps Corner

Mumbai’s Doolally Taproom is Where Art Meets Beer

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Craft beer is slowly becoming the craze in India. While the alcoholic beverage has always been a favourite of all though who enjoy a nice drink, the freshness of home brewed beer has made several heads turn. If you’ve had freshly brewed beer once, the best bottled beer seems to pale in comparison. This excitement over craft beer has, of course, led several establishments to make their own micro-breweries and their own version of craft beers. But alas, that all those who try succeed. And so many of these budding brewers ended up producing sub-standard beers at best. Mumbai had for the longest time waited for a micro-brewery that would quench its thirst for craft beer, and while many have answered this call, one of the most successful ones has been Doolally Taproom. Looking at beer brewing as more of an art than a process, Doolally Taproom has spent years honing their craft and only presenting the best craft beer to its customers. In addition to that, sumptuous food is also served, so that you have something to munch on while enjoying your drink. Doolally Taproom has quickly become the spot to visit if you are in the mood for exquisite beer, and a wonderful bite to eat.

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While food might not be the reason why you initially stepped into Doolally Taproom, it only takes one bite you make you realise that the food is just as exquisite as the beer. There are different types of breakfast platters, including Breakfast Tacos and French Toast, which can you feast on if a made a visit in the early hours of the day. Starters include Kaffir Fried Chicken, Grilled Cheese and Burmese Samosa Salad. Moving along to the main course, you can make your own burgers, have a Steak Fajita, a Harissa Grilled Chicken, or a Maharashtrian Kaala Mutton.

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Here, of course, lies the crown jewel of Doolally Taproom. The taps delivers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There is Apple Cider, Mango Cider, Rauch Bier, English Brown Ale, etc. for those that like to taste some fresh brews. For non-drinkers, there are Virgin Mojitos, Coffee, Tea and a variety of Different sodas.

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Doolally Taproom is all about exploring your creative side. Pub Quiz Competitions, Painting Competitions, photography workshops, etc. are frequently organised by the venue, which draws large crowds of people eager to unleash their creativity and to watch talented artists at work.
Doolally Taproom is more than just a brewery, it a cultural hotspot. Its combination of food, drinks, and art have made it a place of expression, discussion and freedom that has been welcomed with open arms by the people of Mumbai. And if you happen to be visiting, this is certainly a place where you should drop by.

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1st Floor, 135 Kwality House, August Kranti Marg, Kemps Corner Flyover,, Above Hobby Ideas, Near Kemps Corner Flyover, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400036
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