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About Club Alibii

Alibii is a pulsating nightclub and bar based in South Mumbai inspired by the 7 sins of Greed, Pride, Indulge, Chill, Vanity, Lust and Passion. The 4000 sq ft venue embraces you within its vastness and draws your attention to the amalgamation of two sound gyrating hydraulic cages and 7 private booths designed around the seven sins. The VIP Exclusive Lounge features a private area that spoils you in every way you please. The bar offers an extensive variety of spirits, cocktails and beers where the word "no" is simply not an option for us. The heartbeat of the club is a centerpiece spiral chandelier with over 500 crystal tubes pouring down an array of colours onto the intimate dance floor. A floating, round stage features a DJ booth and a Private VIP booth revolving around the crowd. Designed to look effortless, the flooring is a sparkling textured tiles with textured ceiling and design paneling on the bar giving it finished flawless undergo. Alibii is all about organized chaos, with different finishes next to each other creating the illusion of different spaces within a space. All the light fixtures are dynamic and luminous giving a strong character to the interior. Once inside, you will be shamelessly spoiled. With an all-new perception of upscale nightlife and understanding, Alibii is one of the most envied spots on the Nightlife scene.

Phone Number

022 2202 8700


Ground Floor, 41/44, Mon Repos, Minoo Desai Marg, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005
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