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Mumbai has a reputation for being the city that never sleeps. At any hour of the day/night, you will find the city hustling and bustling. The life here is fast paced and this charge in the environment is what most love about this city. However, the occasional break from the city is what everyone requires at some point and an escape to nature is usually the favourite retreat. Mumbai, fortunately, has a number of hills, valleys, and lake nearby which make for great camping destinations and one can enjoy a quick weekend getaway to the lap of nature.

We have compiled a list of some of the best spots near Mumbai to pitch a tent. Read on to find the perfect camping spot near Mumbai for your next getaway!

1. Karnala - 48 Kms from Mumbai

Karnala is a well known for its fort and bird sanctuary here. The bird sanctuary has over 150 species of native birds and over 37 species of migratory birds. Karnala is a beautiful hillock and one can enjoy a trek up to the fort, bird watching, and even a boat ride on the lake while there. It is also very accessible and located only a short distance away from Mumbai. One can either travel by road or take a train to get here.

Distance from Mumbai: 48 km

Best time to visit: Monsoon season when the hills are a lush green colour and when several migratory birds also come.

Camping at Karnala

2. Lake Bhandardara - 165 Kms from Mumbai

Does camping by the lake sound exciting to you? Bhandardara is a water reservoir which is located near Igatpuri hill station. Its clear blue green waters and mountains in the backgrounds invites travellers to pitch a tent right by the lake. If you are looking to camp near Mumbai, why not do so besides a lake and under a canopy of stars.

Distance from Mumbai: 165 km

Best time to visit: Pleasant all year round, but the summers tend to get crowded.

Camping at Bhandadrada

3. Vasind - 63 Kms from Mumbai

Vasind is another camping place near Mumbai. It is by a river and campers can indulge in several water spots including kayaking, swimming, and river rafting. There are a lot trails one can wander around in and there are also short treks to Mahuli. It is also very accessible from Mumbai with buses frequently travelling to Vasind from the northern parts of the city. One could also take the train to Kalyan Junction and board a taxi or bus from there.

Distance from Mumbai: 63 km

Best time to visit: The region experiences mostly pleasant climate through the year, however it can get hot during the summers.

Camping at Vasind

4. Pawna Lake - 119 Kms from Mumbai

The serene and scenic environment that envelops Pawna lakes makes it the perfect place for a night of camping near Mumbai. Tents are pitched right by the lake and guests can enjoy a bonfire, treks, star gazing, and barbeques while there. The place also has a lot of history attached to it and campers can enjoy treks to Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, and Tungi Fort.

Distance from Mumbai: 119 km

Best time to visit: All year round

Camping at Pawna Lake

5. Prabalgad - 45.5 Kms from Mumbai

Prabalgad fort is a well known tourist attraction. It is one of the earliest known examples of architecture and also makes for a great trek and camping ground. The trek is not too difficult and can take up to three hours to climb, but one is rewarded with views of the Karnala Fort, Chanderi and Peb Forts, Ulahas River, Kal Buruj, and more. With its views, this is indeed one of the best camping places near Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai: 47.5 km

Best time to visit: January-February, May-December

Camping at Prabalgad

6. Uttan - 56 Kms from Mumbai

Uttan is a small fishing coastal town located just a few km outside of Mumbai. If you are looking for a camping place near Mumbai which has a relaxed and a laid back vibe to it, as well as beaches and scrumptious fresh seafood, then look no further! Uttan is a small paradise for a quick getaway that will have you sleeping under the stars and listening to the waves crash at night.

Distance from Mumbai: 56 km

Best time to visit: September - April

Camping at Uttan

7. Matheran - 63 Kms from Mumbai

Matheran is a scenic hill station that is located between Mumbai and Pune. This hill station is situated alongside the Western Ghats and has a dense forest cover. The campsites are usually located close to Charlotte Lake and one would have to trek there from Dasturi Naka. It is an eco sensitive place and cars are not allowed in the area. There are many points of interest while on the trek, such as, Charlotte Lake, One Tree Hill, Panorama Point, Echo Point and others.

Distance From Mumbai: 63 km

Best Time to Visit: October - May

Camping at Matheran

8. Lohagad - 97 Kms from Mumbai

The trek up to Lohagad is a popular one for the people of Mumbai. The trek is rather easy and most ideal for families. Travellers can also enjoy camping overnight here and then heading for the trek the next day. The fort is situated close to Lonavala and offers some of the best views. The views of the Pavanna Reservoir is stunning to look at during the trek.

Distance From Mumbai: 97 km

Best Time to Visit: June-October

Camping at Lohagad

9. Shirota Lake - 94 Kms from Mumbai

Shirota Lake in Lonavala is a popular destination. However, did you know you can also camp there? This offbeat location has everything you want while camping: peace and quiet, scenic views, and activities. While here one can go on short treks to the neighbouring places or go on a boat ride or even fishing. You can also spot sightings of exotic birds here.

Distance From Mumbai: 94 km

Best Time to Visit: October-March

Camping at Shirota Lake

10. Harishchandragad - 203 Kms from Mumbai

The trek to Harishchandragad fort is a popular one amongst trekkers in Mumbai and Pune. It is however, not a trek for beginners and some experience is required as it is not an easy climb up. Along with trekking, travellers also enjoy camping and rappelling. The fort ahs three peaks, the highest being Taramati, and camp groups usually take you all the way to the top of the peak where one will experience the most beautiful views. Another attraction here is the Konkan Kada from where you will get great views of Konkan.

Distance From Mumbai: 203 km

Best Time to Visit: August - September

Camping at Harishchandragad

11. Rajmachi - 313 Kms from Mumbai

The Rajmachi fort is located close to Lonavala and is a great place to enjoy a weekend of camping near Mumbai. The trek to Rajmachi Fort has several caves and waterfalls on its way and the base camps usually also offer several activities to campers. There is Rappelling, Mountain Climbing, Rock Climbing, Bonfires, and Barbeque when you camp at Rajmachi.

Distance From Mumbai: 313 km

Best Time to Visit: June-September

Camping at Rajmachi

12. Tikona - 212 Kms from Mumbai

Tikona is a great place to camp near Mumbai. This hill fort located in Maval and is triangular in shape. The trek up to it is not too difficult and offers some great views while at it, which includes views of temples, caves, and of Sahyadris and the forts around. The campsites are usually located close to Pawna lake and one can enjoy going tubing on the lake or a swim.

Distance From Mumbai: 121 km

Best Time to Visit: June-September

Camping at Tikona

13. Kolad - 117 Kms from Mumbai

Kolad is located on the banks of the river Kundalika in the Raigad district. If you are looking for camping places near Mumbai which offer action packed activities then this is it for you! The campsites in Kolad offer a mix of water sport activities and other adventure sports. One can enjoy kayaking, boating, white water rafting, river rafting, and swimming while here. You can also go on night trails, play a game of cricket or volleyball, or just relax with a book and enjoy the serenity the place provides.

Distance From Mumbai: 117 km

Best Time to Visit: October-February

Camping at Kolad

14. Prabalmachi - 47 Kms from Mumbai

Prabalmachi is located very close to Mumbai and is a beautiful campsite for all nature enthusiasts out there. It is situated between the two peaks-Prabalgad and Kalavantin and its location offers some great trekking routes. One should not miss the view of the sunset from the hilltop while there. Twin trekking is a popular activity here and there are other camping activities offered as well

Distance From Mumbai: 47 km

Best Time to Visit: June-August, November-March

Camping at Prabalmachi

15. Mt. Kalsubai - 158 Kms from Mumbai

Mt. Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra. It lies in the Sahyadri mountain range and one can just imagine how beautiful the views are from the top. It is known as the Everest of Maharashtra and is a popular camping and trekking spot near Mumbai. When you go camp here you will stay at the base village and trek you way to the top of the peak. It truly is a one of a kind experience. The difficulty level of the trek is medium, but is advised that people engage in physical training before embarking on it.

Distance From Mumbai: 158 km

Best Time to Visit: Pleasant all year round

Camping at Mt. Kalsubai

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