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About Amadeus

In a city with a serious dearth of places where fine food, arts & culture and a stylish ambience take centre stage, “Amadeus” comes like a breath of fresh air. "Amadeus" is a space that beautifully reflects the cultural ethos of its location, with its plush, contemporary design. Its lavish, luxurious design makes "Amadeus" one of the most refined, quietly stylish restaurants in the city today. “Amadeus" is for those with a taste for the finer things in life. At "Amadeus", Farrokh presents a gourmand experience, par excellence. An innovative repertoire of Levantine, Spanish and Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, at par with the best international culinary standards and trends, take fine dining in the city to the next level. An array of Cocas –Spanish Flatbread with interesting toppings such as Serrano ham with Rocket and Onion Confit, Pinchos - skewered meat and shellfish from the Basque region of Spain, Moroccan Tagines, Saffron flavored Paellas, with Bomba Rice and fresh seafood and of course a scintillating array of Tapas (or small plates) capture the myriad tastes of Spanish and Levantine cuisine. The menu also features Mains like Lobster Alaparisienne with grain mustard and the famed Saratoga Lamb rack, that are a treat to the senses. The Succulent Black Cod with a Red Miso Port sauce puts the icing on the cake. Keeping his philosophy of restauranting, Farrokh’s created an exemplary vegetarian menu. For tapas there is Clumped Corn in Chimichurri Aioli, Catalan Patatabravas, Grilled Mushrooms with Pedro Ximenes Sherry Lacquer, Pankho crusted stuffed Raboiloa cheese. Farrokh’s signature desserts are nearly a piece of Art. Tarte Tatin of Golden Apples. Phyllo wrapped Spiced Pear Strudel with Goats cheese Fondant, Hot Chocolate soufflé with Grand Marnier and an array of homemade ice creams complete the gourmet experience. The cuisine at “Amadeus” is a masterful blend of flavors presented in a Med-European style. While the ingredients used are seasonal and very fresh, the food is created with an ingenious flair. These gourmand creations are augmented by a superlative wine list, surprise cocktail list and a well stocked Bar. All efforts have been made to organize an exemplary service team. While the restaurant is all about understated affluence, the cultural significance of the space comes to life with the large sepia toned, black & white images of some of the finest masters in the world of music. Other images of flamenco dancers and an orchestra, give the space an identity that truly complements its decor and location. A beautiful, Ostler chandelier passed down from generations adds a befitting finishing touch of muted grandeur to "Amadeus" A private dining area for groups, gives one the luxury of privacy and personalized service whilst enjoying Farrokh's signature specialties at "Amadeus". “We are uncompromising about being an elegant, fine food-centric establishment, with quality and creativity being of utmost importance at every stage, so that we offer a superlative experience to our patrons every time”, says Farrokh Khambata.

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022 2282 1212, 022 6723 0126


Gate No. 2, National Centre for Performing Arts, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021
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