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About Aditi Mittal

Comedian, actress and writer, Aditi Mittal is one of the few women who have broken the glass ceiling that seems to have prevented many young and talented girls from entering into the world of comedy. Being one of the first women in the country to take up stand up comedy as a full time profession, today, Aditi Mittal is rated by leading newspaper The Times of India as one of the top 10 comedians in India. She was chosen by the as one among the top 30 most witty, intelligent and incredibly funny Indian women to follow on Twitter(Check out her twitter handle below). Apart from all of this, she has written some great columns for Grazia Men magazine, DNA, and Financial Times. Aditi Mittal is without doubt one of the better known women comedians in the country.

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The content she comes up with can be best described as acerbic and cutting edge. The best part is, her jokes aren't confined to resolving sexist issues and fixing gender stereotypes-that’s a topic that most female comics often slip into.  Aditi Mittal talks about anything everything. One minute she will be talking about the notorious terror head Osama Bin Laden, the next she will be gushing over sanitary napkins. She describes her own brand of humor as very personalized and inspired by observation.

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She has garnered national and international recognition for her craft.In the year 2009, she was among the five Indians who were chosen by U.K based “The Comedy Store” to be featured in a stand up show that was titled “Local Heroes.” Aditi Mittal was also featured in the American documentary Stand-Up Planet, along with American and South African stand up comedians. A regular the the Canvas laugh Factory,Comedy Store Mumbai she mostly performs in English. Don't mistake her for a firangi inspired Indian nari. She is truly multilingual and proficient in both English and Hindi with elementary knowledge of French and Spanish.Aditi Mittals first solo show was in July 2013. It was titled ‘Things they wouldn’t let me say’ and premiered at the Canvas Laugh Factory, Mumbai. In the same year she was part of BBCs prestigious 100 Women conference in London. Her “Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say” performance is now available on Netflix as well. If you are looking for an evening brimming with giggles and laughter, catch her on one of her live performances in your city.

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