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About Tuning Fork

Tickle Your Funny Bone at Mumbai’s Tuning Fork

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Everybody loves a good joke just as much as they love a good song. But, the trouble is to find a spot where you can enjoy great deliveries of both of these art forms. While music cafes and comedy clubs have now become a dime a dozen, not all of them are any good and you certainly don’t run into too many establishments that offer both good music and a good laugh. Mumbai’s Tuning Fork, however, came to town and decided to do both, and a little bit more. Tuning Fork is most certainly the little café that could. Its small in size, but the crowds that gather there every day are a testimony to its quality of entertainment and food. It is quite astonishing how one place can do so many things at once, but somehow tuning Fork does its job every night and continues to get better at it. Which why it has become a place of relaxation, laughs and music, and a must visit for anyone wishing unwind and have fun.
Starters at Tuning Fork are actually quite a heavy affair. You could actually order a few starters together and full enough to call it a night. BBQ Chicken Burgers, Falafel, Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Cheese Bombs, Spicy Garlic Mushrooms, Fried Chicken Burgers really do get you appetite going for more. The main course, believe it or not, is even more filling. Mac n Cheese, Lamb Bolognaise, Chicken Stroganoff, Vegetable Ragout and Grilled Chicken Breast are all incredible dishes that make you salivate just by the sound of their names.
Tuning Fork’s Bar is remarkably well stocked. All kinds of imported and domestic brands can be found at the bar, all mocktails and shakes are also freely available for the non-drinkers.

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The stand-up shows are the primary reason why Tuning Fork is as famous as it is. Comedians from across the country come to make sure that you sides are about to split from the amount of laughter that they induce. Many famous and upcoming comedian have been to tuning Fork, and more are sure to follow. The musical gigs are equally brilliant, and create a whole new ambience at the restaurant.
Tuning Fork is a great place to enjoy some quality and wholesome entertainment. They strive to keep their material as fresh as their dishes, and the staff are constantly looking to make you time at the establishment as enjoyable as possible.

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The UniContinental, Rd Number 3, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052
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