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About Mahalaxmi Race Course

The 2400 meter horse racing track has been  a popular venue in Mumbai. With an aproximate 225 acres land surrounding, in the heart of Mumbai city, Mahalaxmi Race Course was built in 1883, the land faces the sea, with Royal Western India Race Truf leasing it out and maintaining the Race Course. 

The Race Course is also the only Helipad that has been open for civilian use in the city. After hosting some of the most popular race events in the country, the venue has moved on to host marathons, live events. Mumbaikars also take over this perfect spot in the mornings and evenings for a jog or a walk during specific timings. 

During the weekends one can catch Aero-modelling hobbyists flying planes around. The lush green well maintained lawns at the Mahalaxmi Race Course is also one of the most sought after wedding or outdoor event venues in the city. 

The Mahalaxmi Race Course is also the proud host of the live event that had the international artist Ed Sheeran performing during his world tour in 2015. The venue has also seen great massive, packed party crowds during Holi, New Years and more!

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Royal Western India Turf Club, Dr E Moses Marg, Opp KK Marg, Mahalakshmi, Royal Western India Turf Club, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400034
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