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About Jehangir Art Gallery

The Jehangir Art Gallery, founded by Sir Cowasji Jehagir is one of the most well known galleries in the country, funded by Sir Cowasji himself. Built in 1952 the art gallery as a classic piece of architecture, has been well maintained and managed. The venue has four exhibition halls. The art galleries structure is one of the earliest that were designed in the city.

While the unique inward looking art gallery might not be left without questioning in todays development of architecture standards, it stands as an example of an early modernist notions. The structure is such that it combines an art gallery and an acoustic set-up of an auditorium as well.

The country’s popular and oldest Natesan's, the antique jewellers are right here at the the premises of the art gallery. The very popular Samovar cafe is also situated on the campus of the gallery. Entry fee for the Jehangir Art Gallery is free. While there are many art galleries in the city, this is one of the quaint galleries with the stone mansion adding charm to the mood.

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