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About antisocial

AntiSocial is Quickly Becoming the Most Loved Venue for Gigs in Mumbai

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Organizing a show is usually quite a hassle. Lots of negotiations need to be done with the owners, the venue might need to be redecorated, or it might not match the mood of the show. Some venues also do not let certain kind of performances or events to take place. Finally, there is the matter of the location. If it is too obscure, then people won’t know where it is. If it is in a prime location, then it might cost too much which would, in turn, raise the cost of tickets. All of these concerns sometimes become too much to handle, and we just pray that a simple solution was available. Mumbai actually does have a simpler solution, and it is called AntiSocial. Located beneath the popular Social in Khal, it is a space that can be used in any way and for any kind of gig. The costs are also affordable so that the ticket prices for any event never go beyond Rs 500, which is incredibly cheap. AntiSocial’s aim is to provide talented and creative individuals with a platform that they can use to showcase their talents, while bringing people with similar interests together under the same roof.
Food & Drinks

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Technically speaking, AntiSocial doesn’t serve any food. That being said, Social is just upstairs so there really isn’t a lack of good quality food. While you will need to leave the venue and go upstairs for a bite to eat, arrangements can be made with the management to make certain food items available at the venue as well. Keep in mind that such arrangement are completely at the discretion of the management.

                                                                                                  Image Credit: AntiSocial
As a space for events, AntiSocial is usually jam-packed with fixtures, most of them sold out. Comedy nights, concerts, workshops, conferences and lots of other events take place at AntiSocial on a daily basis. The best way to keep in touch with upcoming events is to follow AntiSocial on their social media accounts, where they give regular updates regarding upcoming events.
A space like AntiSocial is needed for anyone who wishes to freely express themselves. Not only is the venue literally underground, it is also underground in spirit, giving a space for people who are not immediately understood or accepted in mainstream society. It is place of great energy and positivity, and as such has become an integral part of Mumbai’s cultural landscape.

Phone Number

022 6522 6324


antiSOCIAL Rohan Plaza, 5th Road, Khar West, Mumbai India 400052
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