17 February 2017
1 hrs 52 mins
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An African-American man survives Miami's drug-plagued inner city.
Director: Barry Jenkins, Genre: Drama
Naomie Harris
Mahershala Ali
Andre Holland
Janelle Monae
Trevante Rhodes
Ashton Kutcher
Jharrel Jerome
Edson Jean
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Critic's Reviews
Our critic A.O. Scott says this film about a young black man’s coming of age is both a disarmingly personal film and an urgent social document.
Moonlight Movie Review: Owing to its authentic indie roots, it might feel a bit slow and moody at times; there aren’t any shocking revelations around the corner. But stick with Moonlight for some perspective. You’ll absorb something good and emerge more reflective about things you’ve never thought of before.
Barry Jenkins’s Oscar-nominated coming-of-age film is a heartbreaking, uplifting, minor-key masterpiece
Writer/director Barry Jenkins’ bold and uniquely told film about the struggle to accept one’s own sexuality is both heartbreaking and deeply relevant
This Yorkshire-set story about a relationship between a farmer and an immigrant worker is a beautifully judged, unsentimental study from first time director Francis Lee
A gay man’s journey from a deprived childhood through rage and towards self-realisation is a moving, mysterious dance to the music of time
Barry Jenkins’s gorgeous movie, which charts the coming-of-age tale of a black man in Miami, is one of the best of the year.
It is a wish and a dream, telling us that nothing in life -- and indeed, no life -- is beyond bliss, and that all it takes is a bit of jukebox serendipity and, most important of all, the right shoulder to live on and nest in. | Review: Moonlight is more a poem than a film
Camilla Long's Sunday Times review of an oscar-nominated film about a black man struggling to accept his sexuality has angered many people after the reviewer said the film would only appeal to white, middle-class people.
Moonlight movie review: A beautiful search towards finding sexual identity, love and hope.
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INOX: Inorbit Mall, Malad (W)
10:00 AM
Cinepolis: Viviana Mall, Thane
09:45 AM 03:00 PM 08:15 PM
PVR: Citi Mall, Andheri (W)
12:15 PM 08:45 PM
Cinepolis: VIP Viviana Mall, Thane
10:40 PM
Cinepolis: Andheri (W)
06:25 PM
PVR ICON: Versova
10:50 PM
PVR: Dynamix, Juhu
11:15 PM
PVR: Oberoi Mall, Goregaon (E)
10:45 PM 03:15 PM
INOX: CR2, Nariman Point
08:20 PM
PVR: Phoenix, Lower Parel
03:45 PM 10:45 AM 08:45 PM
PVR: Forum Gold, Bengaluru
10:00 PM
PVR: Orion, Rajajinagar
07:00 PM
Cinepolis: Bannerghatta Road
07:00 PM
PVR: Market City, Bengaluru
10:30 AM 10:00 PM 04:25 PM
PVR: Forum, Bengaluru
10:30 AM
PVR: VR, Bengaluru
07:00 PM
PVR: Select City Walk, Delhi
08:00 PM
PVR: Ambience, Gurgaon
08:00 PM
DT DLF Place: Saket
11:15 PM 10:45 PM
PVR: Sangam, Delhi
08:00 PM
PVR Promenade: Vasant Kunj
08:15 PM
PVR: Pacific, Delhi
08:00 PM
PVR: Shalimar Bagh
08:00 PM
PVR: Logix, Noida
08:30 PM
PVR: MGF, Gurgaon
09:15 PM
PVR: Director's Cut, Ambience Delhi
09:05 PM
DT Cinemas: Noida (Now PVR)
08:00 PM
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Nicholas Britell, the film’s composer, whose score is up for an Oscar, explains his treatments of the music using the style of a Houston D.J.
The whitewashed heterosexual culture I grew up in didn’t speak to me. But this film lays all the answers I needed in my childhood at my feet
Make room for Denzel Washington in the three-timer club and Emma Stone on the podium: our awards expert tells you where to put your money
Theodore Melfi’s feelgood biopic about three African-American women working for Nasa in the 1960s breaks boundaries with a knowing kick of its kitten heel
Barry Jenkins’s coming of age drama and Andrea Arnold’s first film set in the US lead the way at the flagship award ceremony for independent cinema
Camilla Long’s take on the Oscar-nominated film led to an onslaught – but the invective of her attackers has removed their right to the moral high ground
Barry Jenkins’ coming-of-age tale won best original screenplay while Eric Heisserer’s sci-fi drama took best adapted screenplay at the WGAs
Our countdown of 2016’s top films concludes as Benjamin Lee salutes a poetic and poignant movie that depicted the life of a gay black man with heart-swelling humanity
Perhaps no one is more surprised by the success of "Moonlight" than the director, Barry Jenkins. The film is nominated for eight Academy Awards, including best picture, directing, editing and cinematography. Stars Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris are also up for Oscars in the best supporting actor categories.
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Animated family favourite still top as Moonlight creeps in to join fellow Oscars hopeful Hidden Figures
Animated family favourite still top as Moonlight creeps in to join fellow Oscars hopeful Hidden Figures
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By: Barry Jenkins,
Simply Horrible. - Will not recommend even to my enemy. Bad - Not worth my time So-So. Good-some, bad-some. Amusing. Definitely worth attending. Wow, what an experience!
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