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About Meditation Classes & Workshops

Meditation has everything to with being able to keep ones mind perfectly aligned with the right thought process along with maintaining a perfect conscious or to simple be able to achieve peace on a mind level. Meditation has quickly become one of the most sought out process that helps the individual attain stability to go about the daily life routine. 

This also points out methods by which the individual will be able to attain relaxation and peace of mind. Apart from this meditation is also a process that focuses on compassion, patience, generosity, love and many other factors that focuses on an individual dealing with the world around him.

There are also meditation process that focus on just one point of focus, that is to be able to develop ‘self’. Meditation does help with performing life activities better with a more focused mind and an alert consciousness.

Origin of Meditation

The word meditation carries different definitions depending on different cultures and contexts. Majorly, meditation is a part of religious belief systems and process that helps an individual to focus on mind and positive things around him. Meditation is also associated with clearer mind, which impacts a better way of life, not just mentally but also with physical health conditions.

Health issues that involve blood pressure, depression etc are concerns that can be maintained and taken control of with sessions of meditation. 

The word ‘meditation’ from the west came from the latin word ‘Meditatio’ which means ‘to think or to ponder or to contemplate’. 

Earlier records of meditation trace back to the Hindu Vedantism traditions, precisely along 1500 BC. Various other traditions point out to meditation as a way towards religious approach. Eventually there were religious practices in China gave rise to a lot other meditation process that pushed the followers of a particular religion to practice a well organized way of life.

Buddhist movements were one of the frontline promoters of meditation among their followers. Buddhist monks were encouraged to focus on meditation and organized way life. This was with an aim to help them focus on the non-material things in life that are supposed to be considered less important than the actual essence of life. 

From the west, along the 20 BCE, there were theories and books insisting on ‘spiritual exercises’. These theories focused on attention and concentration. By close to 3rd century, the western culture presented its own meditation techniques.

While Buddhism by now had flourished with its meditation practices and theories, the transmission of Buddhism quickly spread meditation to other countries around the world. Zhiyi first established the meditation school as the first of its kind in East India during the 6th century. This school had the most organized form of meditation for practice as well as a way of life.

Meditation under different religious views have different methods and practices. While the the process and procedures might be different, they all tend to focus on just as much mental wellness. 

Why Meditation Classes

Meditation sure has an impact on an individual especially with health and generally their way of life.

Meditation has records of being one of the best ways for a better mental wellness that also helps with maintaining better way of life.

Routine sessions on meditation and the practice of meditation helps with handling life in a better way, be it with managing stress or getting in line with healthy life practices. It helps with the relaxation of mind. This in turn helps one focus on building a better ‘self’. Transcendental Meditation is proven to be one of the most widely used, that helps with stress control.

Meditation, apart from mental wellness, has its own health benefits too. Physical wellness is also focused on, when it comes to meditation that involves various postures.

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