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About Kayaking

Kayaking is a water fun sport where one uses a Kayak to stride across the water. The Kayak is a low canoe-like boat that lets the paddler paddle and oar at the same time. As one of the water sport that is quickly becoming popular, Kayaking is a fun way to explore a the water surrounded scenic spot. 

A peaceful kayaking does for a perfect fun activity when on a trip. What started out as one of the most important activity with the purpose of hunting is now one of the popular water sports. Kayaking is becoming one of the favourites for tourists and water sport lovers. 

The main purpose of a ‘Kayak’ is to go on a hunting or fishing. In fact, the word ‘Kayak’ translates to ‘Hunters Boat’. As a smooth and sleek moving boat let the hunters to easily sneak up on the their hunt.


Kayaks date back to a thousand years ago when the eskimos used Whales skeleton to drift along during hunts. Around the 1880’s the Kayaks became a popular topic when the europeans started giving it great attention. By then Kayaking starting quickly becoming one of the most attempted water sport. In the 1970’s Kayaking also became one of the mainstream water sports with Olympics now featuring white water Kayaking events too.

Kayaking Now

There are various types of Kayaks depending on the type of water and how the paddler wants to do kayaking along. There are ‘Sit on Top’ Kayaks, ‘Spray Skirt’ Kayaks, inflatable Kayaks and more. Kayaks are useful and help with fun activities like fishing, hunting, exploring the wild, diving and also search rescue during floods.

As one of the perfect water sport in all water surrounded getaway spots, Kayaking has become a favourite among travellers and adventure lovers. Kayaking is also one of the most relaxing water sport that also helps with Ecotourism trips.

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