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About Hoppipola

Hyderabad’s Hoppipola is Here to Make You Happy

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The main priority of a restaurant or a pub is to provide its customers with excellent food. It is an eatery, and that is what it should be good at. Our parents remember going to restaurants where no one cared how you felt, no one paid attention to the décor or the ambience, as long as the food was good. However, down the years, this aspect of restaurants has changed. People now expect a lot more for the money that they spend. They are not only paying for good food, but for a good time. Restaurants and are, therefore, stepping up their game when it comes to overall ambience, gracious servers and the happiness of their customers. And one of the restaurants at the top of their game is Hyderabad’s Hoppipola. Located near the famous Shilparaman village, Hoppipola works hard not only to deliver a delicious plate of food to your table, but also to ensure that you are relaxed and satisfied from the moment you step inside the establishment. This unwavering dedication to the art of hospitality is one of the reasons why Hoppipola has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Hyderabad.

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Food at Hoppipola is continental and Mediterranean inspired. Of course, this means that there is a lot of variety to be expected from the menu. To start things off, there are the salads and the baos. Caesar Salad is quite famous, while Chilli Chicken Bao and Chilli Paneer Bao are two stand out dishes. For a more substantial starter, the menu offers quite a few dishes for you to choose from. The Harissan Paneer, Barbequed Chicken Sausage, Chilli Cheese Toast and Chiselled Prawns are a just a few of the remarkable dishes that can be ordered as starters. For the main course, diners can go Italian and order pastas and pizzas such as Rich Creamy Mushroom Pasta, Quarto Fromagi Risotto, Jerk Chicken Pizza and Truffle Trio Pizza. Other options in the main course include Chicken Biryani, Chicken Stroganoff, Cottage Cheese at Steak and a wide range of Japanese-inspired Bento boxes.

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The drinks menu at Hoppipola is quite expansive, even more so than its main menu. Cocktails and mocktails, both classic and signature, of all descriptions can found at Hoppipola’s bar. The bar is also stocked to the roof with the best imported and domestic liquors and spirits.

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Hoppiopla has organised a host of events in the past and plans to do many more in the near future. Themed parties, DJ nights, live music and other similar events have kept drawing customers old and new.
The secret to Hoppipola’s success lies in its ability to appeal to its customers in more ways than one. Not only is the food spectacular, but the events, the care of the servers and the décor are all aimed at providing you with a space where you can forget all your worries have a good time. There are many more wonderful things about Hoppipola, but you’ll have to go there to experience them first hand.

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