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Sangeet Matsyagandha (Marathi Sangeet Natak)

Sat, 2 Dec 2017 1:00PM
Bharat Natya Rang Mandir: Pune , central pune
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This is a story of Satyawati, alias Matsyagandha (She who smells like fish). A story of love, dreams, lust, ambitions, power, revenge and many other facets of human behavior. Satyawati is the adopted daughter of, Dasharaj, a ferryman on the banks of the river Ganga. Due to the smell emanating from her body, Satyavati was known as Matsyagandha (She who smells like fish), and helped her father in his job as a ferryman. As a young girl, Satyavati met the wandering rishi (sage) Parashara, who fell in love with her at first sight and with his divine powers, transformed her into Yojangandha (She whose fragrance is spread over miles) by giving her a musk - fragrance - Kasturigandha. He fathered her son Vyasa and left her to further pursue his divine 'tapascharya, in the Himalayas. Satyawati' dream of love was shattered. Depressed and anguished, she lost faith in men and considers them to be selfish to the core. One day Shantanu, the Kuru king of Hastinapur and father of Devavrath came to the forest on a hunting trip and was mesmerized by the musk-fragrance emanating from Satyawati. Allured by her sweet scent, Shantanu reached Satyavati's house and, seeing her, fell in love at first sight and offered to marry her. Satyawati, after her bitter experience with sage Parashar, she agrees to marry Shantanu on condition that only their children will inherit the throne, depriving Devavrath, his right to succession. Devavrath, meets Satyawati on behalf of his father and accepts all the conditions and takes the vow of 'lifelong celibacy' and of service to whomever inherits the throne of Hastinapur. The Gods showered him with blessings and Devavrath became Bhishma and the vow named as the 'Bhishma Pratigya'. Shantanu and Satyawati gave birth to two sons - Chitrangad and Vichitravirya. Later Samrat Shantanu dies, followed by his elder son Chitrangad. Years later, in the process of finding a bride for his half-brother - the young king Vichitravirya, Bhishma abducted princesses Amba, Ambika and Ambalika from the assemblage of suitors at their swayamvara. Shalwa, the ruler of Saubala, and Amba (the eldest princess) were in love; Upon reaching Hastinapura, Amba confided in Bhishma that she wished to wed Shalwa. Bhishma then sent her back to Shalwa, who, bitter from his humiliating defeat at Bhishma's hands, turned her down. Disgraced, Amba approached Bhishma for marriage. He refused her, citing his oath. Enraged beyond measure, Amba vowed to avenge herself against Bhishma even if it meant being reborn over and over again. Ambika and Ambalika were then married to Vichitravirya. But Vichitravirya does not live long and dies childless... leaving behind a crisis of succession. What happens next? What does Bhishma do? Why was sage Vyasa, son from sage Parashar summoned by Satyawati? Who occupies the Hastinapura throne? How did Kuru dynasty continue? All these and many more questions are answered in this story of basic instinct. The story of Mahabharata. This drama play is going to be a great experience.
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Map & Directions

Map & Directions
Bharat Natya Rang Mandir: Pune Bharat Natya Rang Mandir, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030, India
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