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Clown Training Workshop - With Harish Bhuvan

Sat, 23 Mar 11:00AM - 6:00PM
Atta Galatta , south bangalore
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General objectives of the program:


1. To understand the character of a clown and imbibe it into yourself.

2. To prepare oneself for the act of clowning, physically and emotionally.

3. To comprehend the process behind entertaining people, knowing the importance and ways of using humor.

4. To reflect on the importance of having what kind of mind set before one starts to clown.

5. To learn the essentials of being a clown.


The Module :


Activity 1- Body relaxation Objective- In order to become a clown, it is essential to be mindful about how your body moves and what impact it has on the audience. Mode of presentation- Experiential Procedure- In the physical space provided, each participant would be asked to find a spot that is comfortable to them, and sit or lie in any manner that they want. In the background of calm music played, each one would be asked to pay attention to their body muscles, by tensing up and relaxing their muscles. There would be other relaxation instructions told by the facilitator, to help the participants be alert to each movement happening in their body. Time taken- 20 minutes


Activity 2- History of clowning Objective- Before experimentally understanding who is a clown, it is important to address how has clowning emerged. This would give the participants the insight into the history of clowning activities. Mode of presentation- Lecture Procedure- The facilitator would make the participants sit in a circle, and start by talking about how clowns emerged, starting from court jesters in the ancient kingdoms. This would be followed by explaining the various types of clowns, including the Pierrot clowns Hobo clown, the Harleyquin, and the White and Auguste face clowns. The differences in their costumes and make up would also be pointed out to make the participants understand how the presentation of a clown has evolved and what the different types that one can adopt are.

Time taken- 15 minutes


Activity 3- Humor it up Objective- To experience and understand how to develop humor and what way can be used to make humorous content. Mode of presentation- Experiential Procedure- The entire group would divided into triplets by using a ball. The person next to the facilitator would throw the ball in any direction with closed eyes, and those who catch would be the teammates. In this manner 10 triplets would be divided in 5-7 minutes. Everyone gets only next 7 minutes on clock, to discuss and develop any content or act to make the audience laugh. And audience would be instructed to laugh easily. After discussing and preparing, each group comes in front and acts out to develop humor. The presentation would end with the facilitator pointing out the ways to make people laugh, and the types of humor used, healthy and unhealthy and their implications.

Time taken- 40 minutes


Activity 4- Make your own clown Objective To learn the various clown make-ups and experience having a clown face. Mode of presentation- Experiential Procedure- As in previous activities, the different clowns and their faces were discussed, participants would be given worksheets of plain clown faces and they have the liberty to choose their own face with their own choice of colors. This activity would require any medium of colors, crayons or pencil colors or water colors. After giving first 10 minutes to color your unique clown face, each one in the group would have to pair up with anyone, on whom they would be able to make this face. The choice of pairs would be given to the participants but in 2 minutes they should start painting clowns. The next 15-20 minute would be given to the participants to make each other a clown and experience the art of painting and explore their creativity. This activity would also help them trust each other, which is an essential component of being a clown.

Time taken- 40 minutes


Activity 5- Faces Objectives- With children especially, without content and words, a clown should know how to make them laugh, for which making humorous faces is essential. Mode of presentation- Experiential Procedure- The entire group would be divided into two groups. Now that they have their clown faces own, one group would form a circle, and the other would also form a circle inside this circle facing to the outer circle members. For 5-7 minutes, without uttering a single word, the participants of the inner circle would be required to make funny faces that makes the others laugh. Once they have done, the members switch places, and repeat the same things. After having a heart laugh, participants would be asked to share their experience of it for reflection purposes.

Time Taken- 20 minutes


Activity 6- Balloon twisting Objective- To learn how to twist balloons to make fun things. Mode of presentation- Observational and experiential learning Procedure- The facilitator would distribute balloons, and using his skills would teach how to twist the balloons to make fun animals, things, etc. Each participants would be allowed to make whatever they feel like making and keep it as a prop for further activities. Time taken- 40 minutes


Activity 7- Mime and skits Objective- To learn the importance of mime and skits and how impactful it can be on the audience, be in children or adult. Mode of presentation- Lecture and experiential Procedure- The facilitator would start by stating facts about pantomime. The process of doing mime/skit, getting in the character, developing a script, delivering the message, etc. would be covered. Once the information has been shared, the group would be divided into groups of 5-6 and they would be given time to prepare a mime/skit of whatever content they want. The talents of the participants could also be put to use creatively. Things that needs to be considered are: It should be of 2-3 minutes maximum It should deliver a message, social or any other It should have a humor element They should try and use the balloons, and any other element that they have or is there in the room After the performances, there would a reflection of what and how the content of each group was presented, a mix of appreciation and criticism would be taken from the audience itself.

Time taken- 1 hour


Activity 8- Reflection Objective- To reflect on their experiences, state learning, and share their ideas of the emotions behind a clowns happy smiling face, to understand the depth of value that a clown might impart. Mode of presentation- Interaction Procedure- The interaction would start by interacting with the audience about what values and emotions are essential to be a clown. How clowns are important in todays time too, and what should one have to become an efficient clown. With this, a reflection on this entire program would also be taken, by sharing their experiences with the group. The session would be closed by a circle of gratitude.

Time required 45 minutes

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Map & Directions
Atta Galatta Atta Galatta 134, 1st A Main Road KHB Colony 5th Block Koramangala Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
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