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Unplanned Stories - Episode 11 - Travel Tales

Sun, 7 Apr 5:00PM - 8:00PM
91 Springboard Cafe
Rs 105
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Pricing & Offers

Pricing & Offers
Sun, 7 Apr
, 5:00PM
- 8:00PM
Per Person
₹ 105



Date: 7th Mar 2019

Venue: 91 Spring Board Cafe, Koramangala 8th Block

Time: 5:00 PM

Price: 100/- Exclusive of GST

Note: The event is free for people who have Plan The Unplanned Membership.

Plan the Unplanned is excited to present to you another chapter of Unplanned stories a celebration of experiences, memories and cherishing journeys that changed lives and bring smiles, both to the listener and the speaker.

Plan the Unplanned is excited to present to you another chapter of Unplanned stories – a celebration of experiences, memories and cherishing journeys that changed lives and bring smiles, both to the listener and the speaker.

Speaker 1: Ganesh - The Clueless Muni

Meet Ganesh, a.k.a ‘The Clueless Muni'. A passionate traveller, creative thinker and a firm
believer in the concept of travelling responsibly, he is constantly on the lookout for the next big
adventure while sharing the thrills and spills from his journeys in an attempt to inspire others to
do the same. He also happens to be a Chartered Accountant in the making.

One of his latest adventures is a 12,000 km motorcycle road trip across India, from Kerala to
Ladakh and back, apart from several other shorter rides and treks across South India.

He believes in travelling as a means of liberation and his travel blog, ‘The Clueless Muni’ celebrates just that with a focus on long-distance motorcycle touring, treks and sustainable
adventure, with aids like travelogues, guides and videos for various off-beat destinations across India, all
purely based on his own personal experiences and research.

Speaker 2: Thara Nandikkara and Goutham
Thara and Goutham aka "Clueless Compass", are a travelling couple with an extreme sense of passion for exploring
the world and its people. They started travelling together, literally as well as metaphorically from 2014. They have been to 17 countries and over 20 Indian states so far.

They have played with tigers in Thailand, walked on a glass bridge atop a cliff in China, whirled with dervishes in Turkey, went ocean diving in Indonesia, hiked the Alps, flew on a Balloon in Myanmar, plucked apples from the orchards of Slovenia and still adding to the list of their experiences.

They started documenting their travels on Instagram under the name "Clueless Compass" a year ago. After the tremendous response, they started a blog and a facebook page by the same name. Clueless Compass is a journal of stories and pictures they have brought and continue to bring back from their travel adventures.

They were fortunate enough to be invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia recently to discuss the prospects of international tourism.

They look forward to more travel and we wish them great experiences along the way.

Speaker 3: Raghul

32-year-old Raghul Sridharan is versatility personified. Married man Raghul is a vegan and wants to be a farmer.

He is a freelance cinematographer, a film photographer and a travel filmmaker. After finishing his BE, he left for New York to pursue cinematography and travelled in and around the place for 3 years while making short films, music videos and commercials.

He has travelled across Angola and South Africa while shooting for a TV series. He has backpacked around almost all corners of India and a little bit of Bhutan while making travel films.

An avid trekker, Raghul has done several western ghats treks and a couple of high altitudes Himalayan treks.

Adding one more feather to his cap, he has ridden from Manali to Bengaluru on a motorbike. Recently started to enjoy long distance cycling, Raghul has recently cycled from Bengaluru to Chennai in 3 days.

In his own words, Rahul's mantra and his advice to fellow travellers is "when you seek discomfort to find a beautiful experience on the other side, you will end
up connecting with amazing souls along the way, appreciate the little details and enjoy every

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Map & Directions

Map & Directions
91 Springboard Cafe 5th Floor, Padmavathi Complex, Nanjappa Reddy Layout, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095, India
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My First Solo Trekking Trip with Plan The Unplanned - Sometimes even though you are surrounded by known persons you feel lonely and sometimes travelling with unknown persons makes you feel complete.So when I was going through this pain of loneliness , i decided to overcome my fear of travelling alone and discover myself. Through an ad which was coming on instagram , I came across PTU (Plan The Unplanned) that on 8th March , They were going to organize trek just for women . I was confused as I dont have any idea about this Travel Planner and plus i was travelling alone for the first time. So i contacted them, Jatin with whom I was talking from Day 1 is such a helpful and humble person that i got convinced to go wirh them finally. He not only motivated me but also answered my all queries even at midnight. Thank u so much Jatin for all your help.I have travelled several times with my family members and friends and with different travel organizers but the way these people take care of your each minor details is so impressive.Our Trek leaders Amit and Rakshita , both were supportive, caring, humble and knowledgable.Amit had lot of patience and he is a very sensitive , caring and matured person. We could make it out from the fact that he even saved other people From drowning who were even not in our trek. And those who were drowning , their leader were so careless and irresponsible that he just cared for showcase but not lives of his people. So here you can make out the difference in leadership.Rakshita is a sweet and helpful girl.She will take care of each need of yours and will not let you feel lonely at any point of time.PTU have organized each and everything in an organized manner like sending details of everybody who is travelling with you , plus proper itinerary . They also make sure to introduced each traveller with each other so that everybody could mingle up. They will not let you be alone and will make sure you enjoy each and every moment. - by Ankita Das for All Women Gokarna Beach Trek and Camping organized by Plan The Unplanned .
October 27 & 28, 2018. Marking these days as ONE AMAZING TIME OF LIFE ?? A huge thanks to the whole team of Plan the Unplanned to have organized this trek. This was my solo trip and I only got courage because it was all women trek. I remember taking my luggage on the first day, boarding the bus with so much anxiety and choosing to sit at the last so that no one could easily notice. On the contrary, I ended up being recognized by everyone by the third day. All thanks to the trek leads, they make you mingle with everyone possible and make it so happening that I remember each moment spent. I must take these names: Sushma, Daman, and Mounika who were the leads giving us one beautiful journey to look back on. There were women from age 21 to around 50 and the leads were equally supportive of each one of them, making sure we all had the best we could.I am not going to address them as leads anymore because they were so good even on a personal level, found some new really good friends??I am a person who loves to jump around places where it is not easy and have some adrenaline feel for a moment. Huge thanks to Sush and Daman for letting me do it and sometimes doing it along with them. I am looking forward to every other trek with the same leads.ABSOLUTE BLISS. First trip but definitely not the last. Please do not keep an upper age limit because I want to continue to do this for as many years as possible.TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE!!!!! - by Nagashri U Rao for Gokarna Beach Trek & Camping | Plan the Unplanned organized by Plan The Unplanned .
We went for this trek on 19th-21st Oct 2018. We were amazed to see the rich biodiversity at Kotagiri. It's a very good place for birding enthusiasts. There is a lot of wildlife in these Nilgiri Hills. Weather was excellent and we did not face much rains during the trek. We did not take the overnite bus ride provided by the organisers. We went on our own one day earlier and stayed at a homestay and joined the group at the camp on Saturday morning and stayed there for the night at camp and left on Sunday morning. +ves - The group was very energetic and fun. The trek leads were keen to make us explore as much as we can in the limited time we had. They were also very enthusiastic about making the whole trip fun for people by trying to organise fun activities in the evening.-ves - My overall review is negative so obviously there are more -ves than +ves. Will make it objective for future trekkers to keep these in mind as they chose this place for a trekking/camping experience1. The camps are set up in a tea estate down the valley. There is one big campsite started by a tea estate owner and then there are a couple small ones which mushroomed around it. We were in one of the smaller campsite. This was the first major concern. the site was barely enough to pitch 3-4 tents and have max 10-12 people. There are 2 restrooms (which were filthy by the way). The organisers booked 27 people for this trek (+3 trek leads) and there was another group of 10 at the same campsite. So in all we were 40-45 people at a such a small place and there were 12-14 tents pitched next to each other. There was hardly any place to even walk or sit outside comfortably. This was a major dampener in our camping experience.2. Food - the food and camping is provided by the people who own the camping site. Plan the unplanned is just taking bookings and taking people to this campsite and making a margin out of this. The food was very average. I have been to multiple treks and lot of them at very high altitudes. The food is far far better than what was offered here. 3. Lack of experience of trek leaders - The trek leaders had very little or no experience in managing a trekking group. They were not able to assess risks, they had no first aid kits, they had no mode of communication to check the progress, whereabouts and safety of such a large group, and they were not able to guide the group to move at a pace which was required to cover the treks in time. After reaching sites, people were just left on their own to spend as much time as they want. This led to the group missing going to dolphin peak as it got dark. 4. Respect for nature/jungles - Lot of trekkers were first timers and they did not have much awareness on conduct in forests and treks. Some basic rules are avoiding being too loud, making lot of noise, playing loud music etc. What was surprising was trek leads also lacking these basic principles. The whole campsite was very loud specially in the evening and the dance, music and party continued till 11 PM disturbing the wildlife/birds in that area. This was led and initiated by trek leads themselves. Moreover, during the trek, trek leads were playing music on their mobiles which set the example for other youngsters also and they thought thats an ok thing to do. This was really really disappointing. Having fun is important but at the same time, in these zones, we have to respect the forests and the wildlife there and be sensitive. Fellow trekkers - chose this trek if you are a nature lover, contact local campsites on your own and do it the proper way. Do not expect the organisers to add any more value than arranging a shared transportation for you (and making a huge margin on that).I dont have any trust in capabilities of these organisers especially because they don't seem to be nature lovers and have poor planning and execution skills. - by Yogendra for Kotagiri Trek - Camp Amidst The Nilgiri Hills organized by Plan The Unplanned .

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