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Hot Air Balloon Ride at Jakkur!

Mon, 31 Dec 2018 5:30AM - 7:30AM
Rs 1499 onwards
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We’re currently not serving due to Covid-19. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Note: New slots have started for October 2018

Enjoy the world at your feet as you escape into the skies in a hot-air balloon. The experience of taking in the world below like a bird, the quiet that comes with being so many hundreds of feet above the ground and the sheer thrill of being up in the air, provide unparalleled pleasures.

Other Details:

1. Duration - 5 to 8 minutes

2. Flight Type - Tethered 

3. Reporting Time - 5:30 AM 

NOTE :  You need to be present at the venue at 5:30 am. The climate conditions are suitable for only a short time period


  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Pilot Fee
  • All Taxes


  • Anything that is not mentioned in the Inclusions list
  • Personal expenses of any kind
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1. We are doing TETHERED FLIGHTS Only. We are not travelling from one destination to another. The Balloon is anchored at 4 points on the ground and it moves only UP and DOWN to give you an experience of real flight

2. Flying is completely dependent on the weather conditions, just like any airline travel. The Pilots decision is final

3. Flying time is 5-8 Minutes depending on the wind, boarding time, airborne time and De-boarding. (The quicker you get into the basket, the faster we can get airborne). Please wear comfortable Clothing and Shoes

4. Please be cooperative and keep your Indemnity Forms ready and signed so we save time at the venue. Remember we have only 90 minutes everyday to fly as many adventurers as we can

5. Mornings are the best time for Ballooning, therefore we request all of you to register for morning slots preferably though it means being at the Venue at 5:30 AM. But trust us, it is worth the experience

6. There will be a 100% refund on Unused boarding passes in case of No Flights due to Weather / Wind Conditions. You can get your Boarding Pass Rescheduled to another day from our CREW on ground.

7. No refund  in case of Late arrival / No show and 100% amount will be forfeited. Boarding Pass Valid only for Date / Time specified. Cannot be used on any other days.


Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Map & Directions

Map & Directions
Jakkur Aerodrome Premises Jakkur Aerodrome opp Renault showroom Basaveshwara Nagar Karnataka Bangalore-560079
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Hi, At a time how many of us can fly? And its my friend's birthday on 10th of dec can we make her cut the cake there?
    7:17 AM, 05 Dec, 2016
  •     A. Upto 4 people can fly at one time. Yes, you can bring the cake and cut there. But it will be windy and little chilly in the morning. Be careful. Thanks!
          9:54 AM, 05 Dec, 2016
  • Q. How many people per ride?
    10:26 AM, 07 Dec, 2016
  •     A. Upto 4 people per ride.
          10:50 AM, 07 Dec, 2016
  • Q. What is the height ?
    5:48 AM, 08 Dec, 2016
  •     A. It goes up to a height of 200 ft.
          8:04 AM, 08 Dec, 2016
  •     A. Thank you!! 1) Can we get a concession package for 4 adults + 3 kids (7yrs+4yrs+1yr) for Hot air balloon and parasailing. 2) how many are allowed in each ride. 3)should we make total payment & how can we get the confirmations 4) finally is it safe & safety measures taken. Thank you!
          8:16 AM, 08 Dec, 2016
  •     A. Can you please share your number? We will give you a call back and answer all your queries.
          9:57 AM, 08 Dec, 2016
  •     A. Meanwhile, to answer your queries - 1. All safety measures have been taken. The instructors are very well qualified measures who have been doing so for many years now. We have met them as well and they are really nice people as well! 2. For Parasailing, up to 2 people can go at a time. For Hot air ballon, 4 people can go up at a time. 3. Yes, you should make a payment as there are limited slots. An early intimation will help organizers plan as well. Once your ticket is booked, you will receive an email and a SMS from our end. 4. While we can not offer any concession, we can definitely offer INR 250 cash-back on your mobile number for future purchases.
          10:31 AM, 08 Dec, 2016
  • Q. Hi, what is the age group? I want to get my son aged nearly 7 for this. Also, coming with a child at 5:30am and waiting an hour is torture, is it possible to get a slot for later and we report later , maybe 15 mins before the given time? Please let me know so that I can book accordingly. Thanks!
    6:40 PM, 14 Dec, 2016
  •     A. Hi Shilpa, Request you to reach out to the organizer for this purpose. Organizer Details: Aero Adventures 9342263017 And please use below link for booking your tickets: Thanks EH
          11:00 AM, 15 Dec, 2016
  • Q. Is it only in early mornings.??
    3:48 AM, 15 Dec, 2016
  •     A. Hi Banu, Yes, this event is scheduled in the morning time only. Thanks EH
          9:34 AM, 15 Dec, 2016
  • Q. Please call I want to know more. My mobile number 7506037961.
    6:31 AM, 24 Dec, 2016
  •     A. Hi Yogesh, As discussed on call, please use below link for booking your tickets: Thanks EH
          7:32 AM, 24 Dec, 2016
  • Q. My friend birthday is on feb 7,2017.On that day we need a ride.Is it possible to have the ride on that day?and Shall we cut a cake over there?
    5:01 AM, 25 Dec, 2016
  •     A. Hi Shalini, Please reach out to the organizer for this purpose. Organizer Details: Aero Adventures 9342263017 Thanks EH
          10:22 AM, 25 Dec, 2016
  • Q. can get my 4 yr old son.. any restriction on the age????
    11:00 AM, 05 Sep, 2017
  •     A. hello,, Can i take Nikon camera on the balloon...?? my son is 4 year old can i get him???? “FUN FACT: Penguins have knees.” PPlease consider the environment before printing this e-mail! Have a splendid day..... Kavyavasanthraj
          11:04 AM, 05 Sep, 2017
  •     A. Yes, you can get 4 year old kid to the ride. You will have to buy the child ticket @ INR 1499. Yes, you can take your camera in the ballon as well. Please book it here - Thank you
          11:08 AM, 05 Sep, 2017
  • Q. for the private means 2 person for a ride .. how much you will change for that ?
    2:30 PM, 19 Sep, 2017
  •     A. Hi Sahu, For you to have a private ride you will have to book 4 tickets instead of 2. Regards EH
          4:59 AM, 20 Sep, 2017
  • Q. Is photo shot allowed??
    10:11 AM, 25 Oct, 2017
  •     A. Hi Shruti, Photo shoot is not allowed. Regards EH
          10:22 AM, 25 Oct, 2017
  • Q. can i bring 10 month kids , is it safe
    9:50 AM, 14 Nov, 2017
  •     A. Hi Jay, Yes kid as small as 5 months have been on the balloon and it is as safe as you keep the kids. So if you think you shall be able to manage the kid you can go ahead with the booking. You not need to book tickets for the kid. Regards, EH.
          10:03 AM, 14 Nov, 2017
  • Q. We are coming from Tamil Nadu. Do you have accommodation facilities near this event?
    10:30 AM, 29 Nov, 2017
  •     A. Hi Subhash, Accommodation is not provided. Regards, EH.
          12:32 PM, 29 Nov, 2017
  •     A. Please share me the exact location of Hot Air Balloon, jakkur in Bengaluru. Its showing different location in website eventshigh & google map. Please share the exact/proper location.
          1:10 PM, 29 Nov, 2017
  •     A. Hi  Its Jakkur Aerodrome( Its Govt flying school)DECAN AVIATION GATEPin - 560064 Sent from my Samsung device -------- Original message -------- From: "Subash M Kumar (Events High Support)" <> Date: 11/29/2017 6:40 pm (GMT+05:30) To: Cc: aeroadventures <> Subject: [Events High] Booking Enquiry - Hot Air Balloon Ride at Jakkur!
          1:31 PM, 29 Nov, 2017
  • Q. Hi , It going to be my husband's B'day on JAN 10. Wanted to know if we could make him cut the cake. Also Wanted to know the rates (2 adults + 1 kid (4) yrs). Basically, want to put it up as a surprise B'day.
    4:52 AM, 06 Dec, 2017
  •     A. Spoke to the client...clarify her doubts. Sent from my Samsung device -------- Original message -------- From: "Arpita chavan (Events High Support)" <> Date: 12/06/2017 10:22 am (GMT+05:30) To: Cc: aeroadventures <> Subject: [Events High] Booking Enquiry - Hot Air Balloon Ride at Jakkur!
          9:18 AM, 06 Dec, 2017
  •     A. organizer responded.
          10:27 AM, 06 Dec, 2017
  • Q. we just want to be couple 2 members in the ride and how many tickets we should buy to fly as just couple alone in the ride and is there any discount for it?
    8:07 AM, 19 Jan, 2018
  •     A. Hi Leela, You will have to buy 4 tickets. As of now offers are running on the website. Regards, EH.
          10:39 AM, 19 Jan, 2018
  • Q. How can i reschedule my booking? I have it for tomorrow morning.
    12:56 PM, 10 Feb, 2018
  •     A. We are sorry for the delay in response. Please do note that these events have very limited slots and rescheduling or cancellations will not be an option. However, we are copying the organizers on this email to check the other options for you. Aero Adventures - Please let us know the options for Rohit's query. Thanks, EH
          7:07 AM, 12 Feb, 2018
  • Q. Hi, i need help with birthday celebrations on March 11th. please call me at 9886464453
    3:42 PM, 19 Feb, 2018
  •     A. Hi, we tried reaching out to you but there was no response please state your queries right here or reach out to us on 7406690197. Regards, EH
          9:32 AM, 21 Feb, 2018
  • Q. Hi, I wish to make a booking for 2 week of May. We wish to do a photoshoot during the air ballon ride. Please reach out to me at 7989939269. I tried calling all the numbers mentioned in the comments. Please get in touch at the earliest.
    7:04 AM, 11 Apr, 2018
  •     A. Hi, We have copied the organizer on this mail they shall be getting back to you shortly. aero : Please look into this users query and do the needful. Regards, EH.
          9:11 AM, 12 Apr, 2018
  • Q. Hi, I want to book the hot air a for 7 people on 12th May 2018. How do I go about making the booking? Can a 3 year old kid be taken for the ride? What other activities can be done at the same venue post the balloon ride? Thanks & Regards, Chhavi
    11:30 AM, 02 May, 2018
  •     A. Hi Chavi, Sorry this event is not available as of now. Regards, EH
          11:42 AM, 02 May, 2018
  • Q. Hi, My friend's birthday is on 25th October (Thursday). Can you please schedule Hot Airballoon on that day? It's a request. You can make my day. :) Thanks, Gaurav Sharma
    7:04 AM, 05 Oct, 2018
  •     A. Thanks for contacting events high We are really sorry to inform you that there is no Hot Airballoon on 25th of Oct Anyways we have it on 21th of Oct and 28th of Oct If you want the ride on these days then you can log in to our website and book your tickets Thanks EH
          10:12 AM, 05 Oct, 2018
  • Q. Is Hot air balloon ride available on Dec 11th? Or is it too early to enquire now?
    10:23 AM, 10 Oct, 2018
  •     A. Thanks for writing us. Hot air balloon ride might be available on your preferred date its not yet decided and updated in website from organizer, Please follow our website WWW.EVENTSHIGH,COM for more and upcoming event details. Thanks, EH
          10:29 AM, 10 Oct, 2018
  • Q. A few quick questions: 1. Is the ride available on Sunday, 11-Nov? 2. We are looking for a cake cutting arrangement - is this possible? 3. In light of the distance and the weather now, is it possible to get a slot a little later in the ride window? 4. Would you be able to recommend any accommodation close to the venue? Thanks!
    12:01 PM, 08 Nov, 2018
  •     A. Thanks for writing to us. We have copied the organizer on this mail they shall be getting back to you shortly. Aero adventures : Please look into this users query and do the needful. Regards, EH
          9:58 AM, 09 Nov, 2018
  • Q. Hi,Is hot air balloon ride is availbale on 21st may?
    5:43 AM, 16 Jan, 2019
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