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COTF Ideathon 2017

Sat, 11 Mar 2017 10:00AM
155 people viewed this event.
Thinkers, Tinkerers, Makers, Doers unite!

The Communities Of The Future (COTF) Summit is an annual celebration of the citizen revolution that is happening in Urban India.

This experiential gathering brings together budding entrepreneurs, change-makers, neighborhood volunteers, students & faculty. All of them have one thing in common - they are working engage and mobilize communities across areas like social inclusion, education, agriculture, solid waste management, climate change, participatory governance, micro finance, sustainability, and other allied areas.

Participants can contribute in the following ways:

1. Social Fiction

2. Social Enterprise B-Plan

3. Social Tech Prototype

4. Volunteer for a Social Journey

Learn more at universityofcommons.com.
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Map & Directions
Map & Directions
Christ University
Hosur Road, Bhavani Nagar, Suddagunte Palya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029
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Recent Activity
Recent Activity
University Of Commons Fri, 10 Mar
Announcing COTF Ideathon 2017 12 finalists. Congratulations to all. #WeAllWin



Local Community Schools Run By Community to Build Global Citizens

Happiness UnLtd.

Active Citizenship Ecosystem for Goa Green Transition



A glorious way to social entrepreneurship


Employment Generation for Women Of Rural Jabalpur

The GarhRejuve Foundation

Project Bawarchi

See you guys tomorrow at 7:30 am, Block 2, 2nd Floor.

University Of Commons Fri, 03 Mar
Announcing the first list!

If you submitted your ideas after March 2, please wait for the announcement of the second list to see if you have made it to Pitch Day.

Pitch Day will be a day prior to the Ideathon, on March 10, 2017.

Ideathon Phase 1 Results
We are delighted to announce 55 ideas that have made it into the longlist for COTF Summit, 2017. We were overwhelmed by your response, and received over 300 applications many of which had i
University Of Commons Thu, 24 Feb
Introducing the folks who will be part of the panel discussion at the Communities of the Future (COTF) Summit 2017. A group of accomplished luminaries in the social space, working on issues ranging from public health to handicrafts - learn from their journey, seek their views, and pitch your ideas.

If you still haven't registered yet, learn more and apply here: http://universityofcommons.com/cotf-2017/cotf-ideathon/

University Of Commons Sat, 19 Feb
Hey folks!

Many of you have been writing in and asking this question over the past couple of weeks: What's the idea behind University Of Commons?

Over the next few months, you are going to have the answer unfold in front of you. In the meantime, check out how it all began!

How It All Began!
In 2015, a group of concerned citizens from South Bengaluru met to ponder over this question: How do we get people interested and engaged in thinking about the future?
University Of Commons Fri, 18 Feb
Countdown begins...

7 days remaining! Ideathon entries close on Feb 25, 2017.

Ideathon Semifinals on March 10.

COTF Summit on March 11.

If you are not participating in the Ideathon, come by to listen to our teams' entrepreneurial solutions for Communities Of The Future!

RSVP here --> http://bit.ly/RSVPCOTF

University Of Commons Fri, 18 Feb

Here are answers to some questions we've been receiving.

Can the idea be anything?

The theme of our ideathon is Social Impact so as long as it fits into the theme, pitch your idea! It doesnt matter how crazy it is - go nuts!

Who can participate?

Absolutely anyone! We are opening the event to students and faculty from any background, any university. We encourage inter-disciplinary teams so dont worry if you dont know anything about entrepreneurship or business. We encourage citizen volunteers and early stage start-up ventures (not older than 3 years) to apply.

I dont have an idea. Can I still join?

huhh! It's difficult to find people who do not have ideas... Team up with a friend who has one.

How many people in a team?

Not more than 3.

How will the mentors help us?

We have some really cool mentors from the Bangalore Social Enterprise & Technology start-up scene on board with University Of Commons! They will be walking around dropping in on teams to have a chat about the ideas. Ask them anything! They are here to help.

Can we continue the idea with UoC in the future? What support will there be after the two day event?

As mentioned on universityofcommons.com, first prize winner will receive mentoring and incubation support, including financial support in the form of stipend.

If there are teams or participants who would like to continue with the idea after Ideathon, there will be an opportunity for teams to become UOC Lab Projects, where they will recieve technology support and mentorship by UoC leadership team until the project becomes self-sustainable.

Keep the questions coming, but most importantly, DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER! Last date of submission - 25 Feb, 2017. Apply at bit.ly/COTF2017

University Of Commons Thu, 10 Feb
Based on your feedback, COTF introduces a fourth department - the Department of Entrepreneurship, that will focus exclusively on Social Enterprise Venture ideas.

Visit universityofcommons.com to learn more about how to participate in the summit. See you there!

Recent Organizer Activity
Recent Organizer Activity
University Of Commons Sat, 11 Mar
We have our winners COTF Ideathon 2017!

Organic Ubuntu and Happiness Unltd. tied for first place.

The runners-up were Active Citizen Ecosystem, Goa and TranscIT.

Stay tuned for more information on these Communities of the Future ideas and to hear from their founders.

University Of Commons Thu, 09 Mar
"A connected, inclusive India is our dream", says Satyam, Co-founder University Of Commons.

Thanks YourStory for covering us! :)

University of Commons aims at creating a vibrant, inclusive India through social fiction
Using community-driven technology, the University of Commons platform bridges the efforts of governments, social enterprises, and citizens.
University Of Commons Wed, 08 Mar
Announcing our Chief Guest - Mr. G. Ananthapadmanabhan, a teacher par excellence and a seasoned philanthropist.

Meet him at the COTF Ideathon 2017!

University Of Commons Tue, 07 Mar
The Hindu covered us: we are ecstatic about all the ideas buzzing around, and cannot wait for the COTF Ideathon 2017!

See you there :)

A varsity for aspiring change-makers
University of Commons will be a community of volunteers or active citizens
University Of Commons Mon, 06 Mar
"Fed up of the way banking works, we started our own bank and started providing credit and banking services to the poor living in Jobra and other nearby villages. We expanded to more districts and were declared an official bank by the Bangladeshi government in 1983. Even today, we are the only bank in the world with no lawyers and no presence in cities." ~ Muhammad Yunus
All human beings are entrepreneurs, says the Nobel laureate who helped 2 lakh beggars run their own businesses
Winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, Prof Muhammad Yunus is well known for his groundbreaking work in alleviating a sizeable population of Bangladesh from
University Of Commons Mon, 06 Mar
We got featured on Youth Ki Awaaz.

Co-Founder Satyam Gambhir talks about how UoC came to be, and what we endeavor to do in the days to come.

Hope you have RSVP'd to join us at the COTF Ideathon 2017. See you there!

How This University In Bengaluru Aims To Bring Social Change
All departments of the University of Commons in Bengaluru have a common aim - to ensure sustainable and scalable social change.
University Of Commons Sat, 04 Mar
Thank you everybody, for sharing your vision of the Communities of the Future with UoC. Applications for the COTF Ideathon 2017 are now closed.
University Of Commons Sat, 04 Mar
Second list has been announced as well!
Ideathon Results
We were overwhelmed by your response, and received over 300 applications many of which had incredible ideas and showcased a strong vision for the communities of the future. We had a difficult time zeroing on those that made it to this list.
University Of Commons Fri, 03 Mar
The results are here!

Check out to see if your ideas have made it to our first list!

Congratulations and see you on Pitch Day - March 10, 2017.

For teams who submitted their ideas AFTER March 2, watch out for our 2nd list, that will be announced tomorrow!

Ideathon Phase 1 Results
We are delighted to announce 55 ideas that have made it into the longlist for COTF Summit, 2017. We were overwhelmed by your response, and received over 300 applications many of which had i
University Of Commons Thu, 02 Mar
Meet the speaker: Dr. M.K. Sridhar has been a senior advisor to our outreach partner Students For Development (SFD), for over three decades now. A highly accomplished academician and active community leader, we are happy to have him address the participants at the COTF Ideathon 2017.
University Of Commons Wed, 01 Mar
Meet Kedar, product manager at I Got Garbage (IGG) and Social Intrapreneur at Mindtree Ltd. His collaborative work with SWaCH Plus has helped streamline and migrate the team's operations to the IGG suite of products for waste management.

Learn more about Kedar's work and ideas during the panel discussion at the COTF Ideathon 2017 at Christ University, Bangalore.

University Of Commons Sun, 27 Feb
After a successful corporate career at Analog Devices, Ashok Kamath shifted his attention to the world of social betterment through education. As the Chairman of Akshara Foundation and Founder Trustee of Pratham Books, he has pioneered many initiatives, including the Karnataka Learning Partnership- an award-winning databased platform recognized by the Information Integrity Coalition and the Omidyar Network.

We are excited for you to meet and learn from him at the COTF Ideathon 2017.

University Of Commons Sun, 27 Feb
Thanks for writing about us, Youths Era :)
Youths Era
For the People, By the People -
University Of Commons Sat, 26 Feb
Update: Registration deadline extended to March 1, 2017

Many of you have written to us about the difficult deadline. To ensure all applicants have sufficient time and opportunity to register for COTF Ideathon 2017, we have extended the deadline to March 1, 2017.

Apply Now --> http://universityofcommons.com/cotf-2017/cotf-ideathon/

University Of Commons Fri, 25 Feb
Prashant Mehra, working along with his team of engineers and product guys, is the fountainhead of solutions like I Got Garbage and University Of Commons (where he serves as the head of the Department of Storytelling) - solutions for social inclusion from Mindtree Ltd.

An enthusiastic storyteller and avid farmer, he will be contributing to the panel discussion with tales from the field and on the role of tech in Communities of the Future.

Meet him at COTF Ideathon 2017.

University Of Commons Fri, 25 Feb
Submission ends at midnight!

QUICK, submit your ideas for the COTF Ideathon 2017 by 12am, here: http://universityofcommons.com/cotf-2017/apply/

University Of Commons Thu, 24 Feb
Dilip is the youngest on our list of panelists, but that just means he has plenty of potential and a long way to go as a social entrepreneur. An Acumen Fellow, his organization, Sukhibhava, works in the space of gender inclusion in the area of reproductive health.

Learn more about his views and work at the COTF Ideathon 2017 on March 11 at Christ University, Bangalore.

Register for the Summit at http://universityofcommons.com/cotf-2017/cotf-ideathon/

University Of Commons Wed, 23 Feb
Raghu is someone who puts his money where his mouth is. He has made social inclusion and livelihood the main themes of his professional life.

Learn more about Raghu and his work at Vrutti Livelihood Resource Centre on March 11, 2017 at the COTF Ideathon 2017 which will be held at Christ University, Bangalore.

Get a chance to present your idea about what the Communities of the Future will look like in front of luminaries like Raghu. Learn more: http://universityofcommons.com/cotf-2017/cotf-ideathon/

University Of Commons Tue, 22 Feb
We have an exciting panel discussion lined up for the Communities of the Future Summit on the 11th of March, 2017.

Introducing the first of our panelists, the unrelenting social entrepreneur and designer par excellence, Neelam Chhiber.

We are thrilled to have her on board with our initiative, and look forward to some insightful takeaways from her participation.

If you still haven't submitted your contribution to the COTF Ideathon, you have time till the 25th Feb, '17. Learn more at http://universityofcommons.com/cotf-2017/cotf-ideathon/

University Of Commons Tue, 22 Feb
Here's our Mothership showing us some love.

Have you re-imaginged the Communities of the Future yet? Send in your submissions to the Ideathon by 25th Feb, 2017.

Mindtree Ltd
Do you have an idea that will shape the communities of the future? Sign up right away for the COTF Ideathon 2017 organized by University Of Commons.

University Of Commons is a technology driven community development initiative by Mindtree Ltd that empowers residents to nurture a vibrant, diverse and inclusive neighborhood. http://bit.ly/apply-cotf

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