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Whats your EQ?

Sat, 4 Mar 2017 4:00PM
By Ekta Singh
SlydS , Bangalore
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25 people viewed this event.
Emotions are powerful energies influencing our everyday behavior. People laugh, cry, fall in love, or blow up buildings under the influence of emotions. Yet until recently, emotional health has not been received the attention it deserves in college, workplaces, homes, Society in general. Here's a chance to explore with a Spiritual teacher, the significant links between emotion and cognition, the linguistic problems involved in trying to describe emotions, how emotional expressions develop and change during the lifespan and how brain mechanisms are co-related to these energies

There is an exercise to improve and strengthen Emotional Quotient called 'Bhaavva Kriya', which will be talked about during the session

ALSO a GREAT chance to NETWORK with SLYDS team, that are hosting this talk!

About the Speaker -

Sri Guruji Rajagajaindra is a Spiritual guru, but unlike one. His wit, humor and understanding of current scenarios is very insightful and is a joy to learn. His study of nature and human conscious has helped him over years to reach out and benefit thousands of people

Its a FREE Talk, reach out to me to block your seat anyway, because its a limited seating :)
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Map & Directions
Map & Directions
#18,, 5th Cross Road,35th Main Rd, KAS Officers Colony, Stage 2, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068
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Ekta Singh Wed, 01 Mar
Ekta Singh Sat, 26 Feb
Ekta Singh shared a link to the event: Whats your EQ?
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Ekta Singh Sun, 20 Feb
Wow, thats a nice many people coming for this event! :)

Excited to meet you all! Spread the word to your friends and family, get them along too!

Ekta Singh Sun, 13 Feb
Hi Guys, thank you for your responses! Small change in the date, it now is 4th March, 2017!

Sorry about the inconvenience, Guruji (the one who will be talking, isn't available this weekend) Kindly make that note :)

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Whats your EQ?
By: Ekta Singh
Sat, 4 Mar 2017
Simply Horrible. - Will not recommend even to my enemy.Bad - Not worth my timeSo-So. Good-some, bad-some.Amusing. Definitely worth attending.Wow, what an experience!
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