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About Vikramjit Singh

If you are one of those people that still read those obscenely large documents stuffed with disturbing information, you’re a newspaper reader. You must have come across a not so regular column called “Why so serious” on The Times of India. Meet its creator, the one and only Vikramjit Singh. A distinguished writer, he never falters at disguising his jokes as opinions. A natural comic, his story is one that needs to be read by one and all. 

Once upon a time there used to be a really nice guy named Vikramjit Singh. He used to work as an advertiser. Like every story there came a twist, and it was unexpected. One fine (or not) day it all changed and he began to turn angry (we are not surprised considering his job); he got so angry that people around him found it hilarious. That was when he decided to become a stand-up comedian. He has Never looked back ever since.

Image courtesy India Today

Vikramjit Singh admits to having what can be called a supreme identity crisis. The fragments of his memories as an engineering student boil down to a single word. “Oops!” His life was a constant joke until he took up joking as his life. Like most youngsters in the world of Indian comedy, his rise to fame began with being featured on NDTVs Rising stars of Comedy. He likes to call his anecdotal and researched comedy as Turban Legends. Over the years he has done shows at bars, corporate events, conferences, everywhere. Today he is a regular performer at The Comedy Store.

Image courtesy NDTV

He generally muses over the pressures of urban India and knows the pulse of city goers. He has had his work featured across print, TV and online media. Geographically, he has performed all over India and abroad, leading people into uproarious laughter, with remarkable spontaneous energy that is his forte. Winner of the 'Radio One LoL championships' held in Delhi, rib tickling humour is his speciality and he prefers audience with ribs to tickle.

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