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About Unplugged Courtyard

Find Fusion Food in its Most Authentic Form at Unplugged Courtyard

      Image Credit: Mouthshut.com

These days experimentation is all the rage. Fusion food, new twists to old recipes and new culinary invention. However, from time to time, we feel the need to eat fusion food at its best, the way it was initially prepared, the way we love it. And that is exactly what the Unplugged Courtyard gives to us. Located close to the Odeon Theatre at Connaught Place, New Delhi, Unplugged Courtyard promises to serve you the most intriguing North Indian and Continental food you have ever had the good fortune of eating. With an outdoor setting that lets you feel the cool breeze and eat under the stars, Unplugged Courtyard will easily work its way into your heart.


                                                                                                  Image Credit: Unplugged Courtyard

From the moment you open the menu at Unplugged Courtyard, you are treated with some of the most unique names that you have ever seen on a menu. Ask any this, have you ever had the pleasure of tasting a plate of Dynamite Prawns? How about some Aam Admi Chicken? No? That’s because they don’t exist outside the wonderful premises of Unplugged Café. You can also find other incredible creations such as Gol Gappa Hangovers, Fungi Punji Pijjja and Bottle Chicken Makhni. The orinality and authenticity of these items makes Unplugged Café a place like no other. Creativity is also tempered with quality, leading to each of the dishes being excellent and delicious.


                                                                                                   Image Credit: Unplugged Courtyard

Unplugged Courtyard’s creativity doesn’t stop with its food. The café also has a lot to offer from its bar. While Unplugged Café’s collection of alcohol is enough to put most restaurants to shame, their signature cocktails ate what attract people the most. You can choose between the Courtyard Pot, the Unplugged Margarita, the Gulistan, and other incredible concoctions.  The café also tries its best to placate the more traditional tastes that its customers might have. Diners can also order classics such as a Martini, a Cosmopolitan, a Bloody Mary, etc. Teetotalers are also provided for at Unplugged Café. There is a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages that feature mouth-watering drinks such as the Classic Oreo Shake, the Banana & Mango Smoothie, the Cucumber Fizz and the Fruity Virgin Mojito.


                                                                                                  Image Credit: Unplugged Courtyard

Events at Unplugged Courtyard are a regular occurrence. The cafe hosts talented bands, singers and DJs quite frequently. The music, in conjunction with the outdoor seating, does make it seem like you’re attending a concert, albeit one with spectacular food and drinks. Unplugged Courtyard hosted the band Ritwija on the 15th of September. You can visit their Facebook page for further details.

There are multiple reasons as to why Unplugged Courtyard is the best place to go to for a good time. Great food, a casual atmosphere, wonderful music, a fully stocked bar and courteous service are just a few of them.

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