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About Turquoise Cottage

At Delhi’s Turquoise Cottage, Music Has Found a Home

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These days, any bar or restaurant worth its salt employs DJs to entertain its diners and guests. Some of them may also have a dance floor from people to groove on. But for most of these places, music is an afterthought, a little something to add to the overall atmosphere. But that’s not how the Turquoise Cottage treats music. Situated in Aurobindo Marg, Delhi, Turquoise Cottage is renowned for its passion for music and the musical artists that it brings to entertain its guests. Open since 1997, Turquoise Cottage has become part of Noida’s cultural and musical landscape. At the same time, the restaurant is also equally popular for its food and drinks, having achieved a position of excellence in these fields as well. Turquoise Cottage is frequented by foodies and music lovers alike, and the numbers of diners has been on a constant increase for years.


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At the Turquoise Cottage, diners can choose from a wide selection of dishes that come from continental, American, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. You can choose to start off with some soup such as Minestrone and Café Velvety Corn Soup, salads like Caesar’s Salad or Greek Salad, or some appetisers such as Fish Fingers with Original Tartare Sauce, Desi Tenderised Lam Cutlets or Mango Mint Paneer Tikka. For diners looking for a quick bite, or an accompaniment with their drinks, there are a host of dimsums, burgers, platters and rolls to choose from. For the main course, Turquoise Cottage provides pizzas and pastas such as Four Cheese Pizza, Thai Chicken Pizza, Spaghetti Bolognaise and Olio Aglio. The main course also includes Gurkha Chicken Curry, Fish & Chips, Multi Mushroom Stroganoff and an assortment of other dishes. For dessert, diners have the option of selecting from a wide range of ice cream, tiramisu, mousse and brownies.


                                                                                                        Image Credit: Turquoise Cottage

Turquoise Cottage has a busy bar, which stocked with the leading brands of alcohol. Cocktails are also readily available. Some of the favourites include the Cosmopolitan and the Long Island Iced Tea.


                                                                                                 Image Credits: Turquoise Cottage

Turquoise Cottage regularly hosts Karaoke nights, which gives its diners the opportunity to sing to their hearts content. The restaurant also organises live sports screenings, DJ nights, ladies nights and a host of other events.

Turquoise Cottage is one of those places where you land up, and let the venue show you a good time. The dedicated and responsive staff will happily guide you through the menu, the soothing music will make you forget all your troubles and the décor is a veritable feast for the eyes. All these and more, make Turquoise Cottage one of the best restaurants to visit in Delhi.

Phone Number

098185 24251


A5, Green Park , Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110016
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