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Welcome to headiness,welcome to indulgence,we welcome you to the most superlative drinking and dining experience in the city. We are a vibrant,young and attractive gastropub that will appeal to people of all ages because of the host of food,drinks and entertainment options available. Its like a haven situated in the heart of South Delhi where as soon as you step in you are greeted with the aroma of lavender and cinnamon and the space that lies ahead unfolds in front, like a wide expanse ,designed to facilitate bonhomie and merriment between the guests. Step out of the lift to be greeted by 9500 sq. feet of rustic space comprising of a gigantic bar,with muted walls and tungsten hanging light providing an element of mystique. There are leather sofas in indistinct tones to lounge around,placed against the sturdy mahogany tables,this arrangement lends the space a unique and unrefined charms. The amber tones of the bar with the heavy wooden furniture,earthy undertones and the lighting that is justly rightly dimmed to allow the grogginess to step in. The terrace area takes the merrymaking to another level with pebbled walkaway and wooden logs as tables and benches and a huge bar in the corner to lazily spend your autumn evenings at. The eye catcher of the area is the wooden barrel in the middle of the stone walk leading to the stunning semblance of the chrome bar. With an inspired bar menu which is a product of an immense amount of thought,experience and innovation. With a long list of signature cocktails the we are pretty serious about ensuring that you have a good time. The F&B is also very intensively curated with a great deal of attention being given to plating and presentation. When you have us feed you,you'll take gluttony off the 7 sins list. Here's a taste- Angry Birds(Stuffed Tandoori Quails) The Trini Posse (Blackened Caribbean chicken), Cottage on Fire( cottage cheese roulade) The Devils Heart (deviled artichoke hearts) Balls of Fury (jack daniels lamb meat balls) and not to forget our double rainbow of wood fire oven pizzas prepared with freshest ingredients and seasonal toppings. Into this heady mix,add the handpicked event calendar with a stellar line up of acts across genre's,live performances,international acts etc. Enough for a lifetime of fun and madness. It is hence without a doubt an apt statement to make that The Groghead has embarked upon its journey of doing full justice to its name.

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098119 89557, 9599280960/61/64


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