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About Take Off Scarlet

Take Off Scarlet is Quickly Becoming One of the Best Party Places in Delhi

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What are the things that you need for a good party? Well the first thing, of course, is a group of people who are willing to party. Next you need a venue, and finally some good music. But there is something that most people don’t really think about, but is crucial for a successful party. That elusive thing is ambience. Yes, without the perfect ambience you simply won’t be in the mood to dance the night away. Ambience is not just the décor and lighting of a place, but also how the staff interacts with you. And this is where Take Off Scarlet takes the cake. Excellent service, coupled with an amazing rooftop makes every party here, the party of a lifetime.

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If you want to dance all through the night, then you need some sustenance. Which means there has to be some good food on offer. Thankfully, Take Off Scarlet has that part covered. Here you will get everything, from starters to desserts, made to perfection. You can start the night with appetizers such as Fully Loaded Fries & Keema, Falafel with Hummus & Pickle, Meat Balls Peri Peri and Fried Onion Rings. After a few bites of these delectable dishes, you might immediately hit the dance floor. Then, after a while, the hunger pangs might hit you again, and this time you might want something more substantial. Well, Take Off Scarlet will satisfy any and all hunger pangs with Pizzas like Thin Crust Garden Fresh Pizza and BBQ Chicken Pizza. There are also burgers, Tacos, Fries and sandwiches. For the main course, you can order dishes such as TOS Butter Chicken, Tawa Khurchan and Fish Tikka Masala.

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No party would be complete without a nice drink and Take Off Scarlet makes sure that you have all the drinks that you might possibly need. There are amazing cocktails like Long Island Iced Tea, Blue Hawaiian and Green Apple Martini. There are also a wide range of beers, rums, whiskies, etc. that will keep the party going.

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Good food and good music is what Take Off Scarlet lives on, as do its patrons. Most of the fixtures here revolve around food festivals or performances by incredible musical artists.
Take Off Scarlet is a nice place to visit on any occasion. You can have a nice romantic dinner on the rooftop, or burn the dance floor and party like never before.

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Club Rd, West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, 110026
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