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About Sundeep Sharma

The 'Brahman Bro' of Comedy is a man who wears many hats. He is an actor, a television script writer, radio producer, and voice over artist. Sundeep Sharma performs his acts with a desi flair. He has been anointed as the ‘Best in Stand-up’ by Canvas Laugh Club. He has won numerous International awards including one at Cannes Lions for his voice over and writing work. Sundeep has also scripted for the prestigious Red FM Delhi and BBC World Service Trust. He made an appearance on the NDTV satire show as well.

Image courtesy Canvas Laugh Club

He admits that his jokes were not that good when he started out doing comedy. Sundeep says that he draws inspiration from his own life, imagination and experiences. As a partially blind person, he brings vulnerability on stage. He loves travelling across the country making people laugh. Personally, he confesses that stand-up comedy serves as a therapeutic outlet where he can get things off his chest without being judged.

As a stand-up comedian, Sundeep takes a funny twist to portray everyday problems of the layman. He is an expert story teller like no other. Not a fan of corporate culture he talks about anything from traffic congestions to struggles of being a bachelor in Mumbai, everything finds a place in his narration. Inspired by slices from his own life, Sundeep comments on topics varying from politics to gastronomy and eases his audience from one to the other with smoothly.

He makes jokes about his favourite city, Mumbai. He is from Uttar Pradesh and his narrations are in a combination of Hindi English and Punjabi. This veteran stand-up comedian takes great pride in doing impressions of national and internationally renowned personalities. Political satire is his trademark. The content he works with is easily relatable which helps him connect with his audience in an instant. He often talks about problems of being 37 years old and single in the country. His funny take on the caste system in India is one of his most popular acts.

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