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About Sumit Anand

Sumit Anand is an esteemed stand-up comedian experienced in the entertainment industry. He has been cracking jokes and making people laugh for more than 4 years and is yet to run out of witty jokes. Over the years he has performed in countries all over the world including London, Singapore, Malaysia and India. Professionally a man of finance and marketing, his Linkedin profile says he holds a PGDM and is currently employed as a Business Consultant at Ideatory.

An engineer with a post graduate degree in Business Management describes the educational qualification of a major chunk of the middle class and upper middle-class citizens in our country, so his jokes and stories are easily relatable. His acts are fresh and non-cliché and he uses stories from his pre-comic life. The things he talks about are based on real life incidents. Sumit Anands funny take on life issues makes us think and comedy that makes you think is the best kind.

His powerfully positive attitude keeps his audience glued to his every word. Sumit Anand was starred as a “Rising star in Comedy” on NDTV Prime show. Through his stage performances and hilarious youtube channel, he has built a sound reputation for himself in the comedy circuit. He is the creator and performer of “Many mistakes of my life”, an hour long solo comedy show. The show is said to be a detailed description of his life including but not limited to his experience in marriage. Asian Age describes him as “Sumit’s energy on stage is highly infectious, it’s a laugh riot.”

On his Quora Social profile page, Sumit Anand describes himself as a “Stand up comic, maybe, always.” With a youtube subscription following of 51k, he is going nowhere. He does English stand up and sometimes a combination of Hinglish. With over a 100 shows under his belt, this crazy caper is sure to leave you cackling with joy. If you love getting your ribs tickled and doubling up with laughter, head to one of his shows. He is a regular in Delhis prominent theatres like Sri Ram Centre, Akshaya theatre and Epicentre- Gurgaon.

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