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About Soi 7

Soi 7 Gives You the Best Taste of Asia You’ve Ever Had

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When people go out for a bite to eat, they usually run across restaurants offering Chinese, continental, Italian, Mexican or Middle Eastern fares. Most of our Asian neighbours do not get the representation they deserve when it comes to the ambit of food. Gurgaon’s Soi 7 Pub & Brewery seeks to change that. Located in DLF Cyber City, Soi 7 endevours to give its diners a taste of the fine cuisine that comes from the lands of Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Mongolia and other Asian countries. Atop of this, Soi 7 also serves a wide variety of pizzas and pastas. As a brewery, Soi 7 also has some commendable home brewed beer for diners to sample.


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Diners are most certainly spoilt for choice when they look at the menu at Soi 7. To start things off, the pub offers some incredible dimsums. You can chose from several options like the Sui Mai from China, the Singapore Pot Stickers and Chicken Assorted Dimsum Board. Other starters include the famous Sushi Platter, the Java Grilled Sole, the Singaporean Cottage Cheese and the Malay Chicken Drumsticks. Once you’ve gained a good appetite, you can either head for the Oriental Classics, which feature dishes such as Pan Fried Cantonese Noodles, Street Vendor’s Penang Curry and the Malaysian Fish Laska, or you can choose to head straight for the main course. Soi 7’s main course is quite extensive. It includes vegetarian, seafood, lamb and chicken preparations. Some of the popular items from this section of the menu include Tofu and Vegetables Chilli Garlic, Pan Fried Fish and Black Bean Sauce, Lamb in Mongolian Sauce and Stir-Fried Chicken with Chilli Oyster. Soi 7’s Pizzas and pastas include mouth-watering recipes such as Moroccan Cottage Cheese Pizza, Caribbean Chicken Pizza and Alfredo with Mushrooms.


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One of Soi 7’s claims to fame are its home-brewed beers. Soi 7 has four such beer, Bolo Punch (Marzen beer), Knock Out (Wheat beer), Cobra Punch (Dark beer) and Upper Cut (Premium beer). Each of these beers has been favourably received by Soi 7’s patrons, and they continue to be a key drawing factor for the pub. Soi 7 also has a fully stocked bar which stores all the leading brands of alcohol. Soi 7’s cocktails are yet another thing to behold. Every classic cocktail has found a home in Soi 7’s bar menu. You can find everything from an All Nighter to a Sour Apple Martini at this pub’s bar counter.


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Soi 7’s rooftop seating is perfect for various sorts of events. Dj’s and musical guests are a constant fixture at the pub. Soi 7 also has happy hours, ladies’ nights, Beer Brewing Classes and live sport screenings.

Soi 7 is the perfect place to indulge yourselves in exotic, yet authentic, Asian cuisine. And if you’re confused between one dish and the other, don’t hesitate to ask the servers. The staff at Soi 7 are always there to make your night as memorable as possible. 

Phone Number

011 3310 7716


Unit No. No.205 To 208 & 209 A, Cyberhub, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase 2, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
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