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How safe are we women when we leave for the study group in the wee hours of morning, or leave for home after finishing a project with friends? or leave early for that presentation deadline at work? In school/office or while in transit? In local transport? In auto rickshaws or taxis? At home? Anywhere? Attacks can be in form of eve teasing, getting mugged, getting brushed against while walking or while in the bus or someones hand accidentally resting on our shoulders or thighs!!!! What is self defence? It is the knowledge of certain techniques and movements based on the weakest points of opponent/attackers which, when applied, will impose harm - the slightest window which may give us the lifeline of escape. Contrary to one's belief, one need not be a martial art expert to know and practice them. It is our belief that the art and technique of self-defence should be acquired by all girls/women, which will definitely provide them with self confidence and the ability to take precautions / counter-attack as the case may be. We conduct workshops for SELF-DEFENCE. Any age group - from 15 to 50, women must be prepared always, mentally for sure, physically - have some tricks up their sleeves. It is our belief that the confidence that one develops during these workshops is ample for a woman's safety...

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