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The Delhi running community is beaming with events that are organized to enhance an individual's fitness. Here are upcoming running events in Delhi that involve full marathon, half marathon, 10k marathon and 5k marathon. Delhi marathon has something for everyone, from beginner level to the advanced. So roll up your sleeves and register now for the next marathon in Delhi.

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Marathon In Delhi NCR

Delhi might be known for its sumptuous food and buzzing nightlife, but its citizens take fitness equally serious. During the morning hours, you’ll find fitness enthusiasts jogging and running at the many parks in the city.

Although people have been jogging and running for decades here, a new passion for those who stay in the capital city is competing in marathons in Delhi. The running events in Delhi have gotten so popular that many are organized throughout the year. Each of these vary in distance so there is something for everyone. If you are planning to run a marathon or shorter race and are not too sure where to enroll, here’s everything you need to know about marathon events in Delhi.

Full Marathon In Delhi

A full marathon is the toughest race to participate in. It takes a lot of energy, stamina and you need to be fit to compete. Full marathons are apt for runners with high endurance and a lot of experience. You are running for a whole 42 kilometres.

A runner needs to be in prime shape to complete a full marathon. It takes about a year to get in shape and be physically fit. Consult a doctor before you start training to ensure your health permits you to run the distance. If possible, hire a personal trainer to assist you get in shape. Besides the fitness aspect, you will also need to know how to avoid injuries and keep yourself hydrated during a race.

Popular Full Marathons In Delhi: Millennium City Marathon and the Bhatti Lakes Ultra & Xtrail Run.

Half Marathon In Delhi

Although it is not as long as a full marathon, running a half marathon can be challenging and tiresome. To successfully complete a 21 kilometre half marathon, amateurs need to start training a year in advance. If you are an accomplished runner, you can start a bit later, but not less than 6 months before the race.

Start your training program with some light running and then as time goes by, increase the distance. While training, it is important to avoid stressing your body too much, you do not want to suffer an injury before your race. Train according to your stamina and fitness level. Take the help of professionals if you can, such as doctors and trainers.

A half marathon can be attempted by experienced athletes, but someone who is fit should be able to complete the race with enough practice.

Popular Half Marathons In Delhi: Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and the 3rd PSPB Delhi Half Marathon.

10K Marathon In Delhi

The 10K marathon is ideal for beginners and fairly-skilled runners. It’s a good starting place to help you get confidence in distance running. Beginners will have to train well and build stamina before they can attempt the 10K race.

It is best that beginners start training sessions 12 months before the actual race and those who are moderately-skilled should start about 6 months before the race. Depending on your physical condition, start with a diet plan and a workout regime. Use the help of a fitness trainer if possible.

Popular 10K Marathons In Delhi: New Delhi 10K Challenge and the Night Run Delhi 2018.

5K Marathons In Delhi

Out of all the marathon races, the 5K marathon is the least stressful. An moderately-fit person will be able to comfortably complete the race with prior training. The race is a breeze for skilled and experienced runners.

Start preparing prior to the race, depending on how fit you already are. If you are already fit, a 3-4 month period is ideal to get you ready for the. Those with no-prior experience in running should start preparations in advance. 

Popular 5K Marathons In Delhi: Himalayan 5k marathon, Run For Relation Couplathon and the 5K Delhi Grand Half Marathon are three famous 5K races to participate in.

What Is Provided At Marathon Events In Delhi?

- Medical assistance
- Timing badges
- Energy drinks, fruits and fruit juices
- Snacks post the race
- A bib number
- A certificate of participation
- Winners may get medals and a cash prize

How To Register For Running Events In Delhi

Participants can register for running events in Delhi on the EventsHigh website. EventsHigh has listings of the best and most famous upcoming running events in Delhi. The site provides in-depth information on marathons and other racing events in Delhi. The booking process is easy and seamless; participants can register by filling in a few details and making an online payment through a secure payment gateway. The site also has reviews of events and you can invite your friends to participate in events via the invite button on each event.

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