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About Roseate House

Business or Pleasure, Roseate House is the Place for You

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As the capital of the country, New Delhi is the travel destination for many travelers. Business meetings, conferences, sightseeing, etc. are some of the reasons why there is a constant inflow of people to the city. As such, people desire a place where they can relax and separate themselves from the hustle and bustle of a city that never stands still. And while there are many hotels ready to accommodate, not many do it in the way that Roseate House does. Built to provide you with the pinnacle of luxury, comfort and style, Roseate House is an ultrachic lifestyle hotel that endeavours to appeal the modern traveller who expects to the get the best out of a hotel stay. Every guest at Roseate House is treated as royalty, an every room looks like one taken straight out of a royal palace. Complete with exceptional food and entertainment facilities, Roseate House makes sure that your stay is one of the many that you will plan with them.


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The accommodation at Roseate House can be broadly divided into rooms and suites. There are also several types of rooms and suites. Rooms at Roseate Hotel come in three types, standard rooms, deluxe rooms and Roseate House club rooms. Standard rooms are either city or courtroom facing and are packed with all the amenities that any guest can require. High speed internet, LED television, climate control panels, and much more are provided. The deluxe and club rooms are both upgraded versions of the standard rooms, with the club rooms providing you with personalized service and extended club benefits. There are seven kinds of suites available at the Roseate House, Executive, Panorama, Corporate, Junior, Terrace, Presidential and Villa. All of them provide their residents with the latest in comfort and care. With each suite, guests will have access to a personal butler and access to all club amenities. Suites are the best when it comes to hosting VIPs or large families.

Food & Drinks

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Roseate House has many culinary destinations for the foodie in you. First there is DEL, an all-day bistro which has a different menu at different times of the day. Equipped with a happening bar, DEL provides exceptional continental and Chinese food, and does sushi as well. Roseate House’s Kheer is yet another brilliant restaurant which serves mouth-watering Indian food in general, and Delhi street food in particular. Chidiyaghar Bar is made in the style of the old western watering holes where you went for a strong drink, and a good conversation. Tara is located near the infinity pool on the terrace and is a Japanese restaurant and lounge, serving some of the best food the island nation has to offer. Last, but certainly not the least, comes Roasted the hotels in-house patisserie and boulangerie. Roasted served exotic tea and coffee, paired with hot and delicious, cookies macaroons and sweets.

Entertainment & Events

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There are many wonderful activities in which you can immerse yourselves at Roseate House. There is the Aheli Spa, where you can rest your weary body and soul, Upstage Cinema, where you can enjoy movies which seated in plush recliners, and you can shop at them many luxury brand outlets that the hotel has on the premises. Roseate House is also perfect for hosting various meetings, get togethers, parties and conferences. Specialized rooms and halls are available for all of these activities, with the staff ready to help in all your endeavors.

Roseate House is certainly the master of many trades. Not only does it provide you the perfect place to stay, it also gives you the chance to relax, shop and enjoy yourself without even leaving the hotel. Roseate is not only a home away from home, it is also one of the best homes you could possibly ever live in.

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