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About Privee, Shangrila

The Party Never Ends at Privee

                                                                                                         Image Credit: Privee

When you are in a mood to party, you don’t think about when the night is going to end. All you want, is to have the time of your life. And if a place exists that can make your night as special as possible, then its Privee. Part of Shangri-La’s Eros, one of New Delhi’s most luxurious hotels, Privees exudes class, sophistication and an unquenchable thirst for excellence. The food at Privee is second to none, since its kitchen is helmed by some of the best chefs in the country. The staff of Privee has also been meticulously tried to provide you with every comfort. Your requirements will be met even before you ask for them. As a nightclub Privee has had the honour of hosting some of the greatest musical personalities in the country. Its dance floor is never empty, and the drinks at the bar are always flowing. The final seal of excellence is the fact that Privee won the much sought after Times Food Award for 2017. Privee gives you everthing you ever wanted from a nightclub, and then some.


Privee has an impressive range of delicacies from Chinese, Italian, continental and North Indian cuisines. Cooked by a talented team of chefs, the food at Privee is cooked to perfection. Every bite you take will be an experience in and of itself.


                                                                                                     Image credit: YouTube

To say that Privee’s drinks menu is impressive is an understatement. In addition to having all the leading brands of alcohol, the mixologists at Privee are also capable of churning out almost every cocktail known to man. To start the night you can choose from a list of shooters such as Jagerbomb, Union Jack, Rude Runner and Brain Damage. Moving on, the cocktails consist of all time classics such as the Manhattan, the Daiquiri, the Margarita and the Old Fashioned. Club specials include Take Me Home, Citrus Mitrus and Mojito Royale. Privee also introduced the revolutionary Breathe n Booze to India. Breathe n Booze consists of guests being taken to a room and, instead of drinking alcohol, they breathe it in. This immersive experience has created waves in the country, leading to tons of people lining up outside the nightclub for a chance to have this stunning experience.


                                                                                                       Image Credit: Privee

Events are an almost every day occurrence at Privee. Club nights such as DJ nights, ladies nights, etc. are quite common, while musicians from all over the country also take to the stage. For instance, Ankit Sachdeva is all set to mesmerise the crowd on the 20th of September. More events are on the way, and details will be given of Privee’s website and Facebook page.

Practically everything about Privee is a notch above any other nightclub in the country. The décor, food, drinks, staff, etc. are some of the best that guest will have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Without a doubt, Privee is royalty amongst India’s clubs and restaurants. 

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19, Ashoka Road, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
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