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Life Path: This is the sum total of the Date of Birth. For example someone born on 25th October 1982 has a life path 2+5=7+ 1+0=1 + 1+9+8+2= 2 ….7+1+2 adds to 1. Therefore Life path becomes 1. In simple words the sum total of day of birth+ month of birth+ year of birth is the Life path of a person. Expression: The sum total of the values of the alphabets in the complete name makes the expression. Note: For an individual to perform to the best of his capacity the Life Path and Expression should be in harmony. Soul Urge Number- This is the number which denotes the inner motivation of an individual. It reveals the inner drive of a being and shows what he wants to and has to do. In simple words this number talks about one’s heart desires. The soul urge is arrived by adding the vowels in a name and the value reached has to be brought to a single digit or a master number- Example- Pushttie Ghode- Vowels- U,I,E=3+9+5=17 = 8 in Pushttie and O,E=6+5=11 in Ghode. When 17 and 11 added we reach=28=10=1. Soul Urge is therefore 1. Challenge Number: The Challenge number shows an obstacle in the early years of life, at least due to the emphasis placed on the negative extreme of the potential. The calculation of such a number is done in the following manner: October 25th 1982= 10-7-2 =1-7-2(Add the digits October 10=1, 25th= 7 and 1982=2) Now subtract the month digit and the day digit= 7-1=6 Subtract the date and the year digit= 7-2=5 Subtract the remaining digits= 6-5=1 The Secret Self: This is the number which represents the deep cherished desire of a person. This is a pleasurable fantasy number and is not connected to one’s abilities, opportunities or apparent desires. This is calculated by adding the consonants of the complete name of a person. For Example: Shaam Lal= S, H, M and L are the consonants so we take the numerical value of the alphabets and add them. S=1; H=8; M=4 and L=3. When added the sum reaches to 12=3. Therefore the secret self of Shaam Lal is 3.

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