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About Nitin Mirani

Comedian Nitin Mirani Lives by the motto “laugh and let laugh”. More popularly known as Mr Komic Sutra, he is nothing less than a comedy genius. An international performer, Nitin has done shows all over the globe Hong Kong, Maldives, New York, Toronto, London... you name the place and he has been there to spread the laughter. Loved by and raised in “The City of Gold”– Dubai. Expats in the Middle East swear by his shows.

With 8 years of working with his own brand Komic Sutra, Nitin Mirani has been the reason for millions of smiles around the world. He has held shows at places including but not restricted to  Laugh Factory Chicago, Laugh Factory Mumbai, Caroline’s on Broadway in New York, the Comedy Store in India, Yuk Yuk's & Absolute Comedy in Canada, and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The list is endless. He aspires to be a star in the comedy world like Jim Carrey.

Image courtesy India Today

“Comedy is serious business,” he says. Nitin Mirani is happy making people laugh and is known for his special brand of “Glocal humour”. With an amazing reputation in the comedy circuit, he can literally make anybody laugh. He recently performed for US army in Dubai! He loves the audience in Mumbai and he considers his experience at the Kala Ghoda festival the most wonderful in his life as a comedian. In 2014, he won the fourth position at Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World competition in Las Vegas. 

Image courtesy The Indian Express

“Laugh your assets off” is a corporate comedy conceptualised by Nitin Mirani for industrial and commercial bigwigs. These are tailor made and customised for his audience. A friendly and interactive atmosphere is the highlight of his performances. The audience interactions come naturally and are not forced, nor do they make the audience uncomfortable. Rolling Stone M.E magazine rates him among the “The funniest people of the year," Dashingly handsome, he dreams of working in Bollywood someday. Hopefully with none other than Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan.

He isn’t afraid to experiment with Hinglish and desi Indian humour either. Nitin Mirani’s shows come with a generous splattering of on the spot jokes and jovial dialogues with the audience. If you need a break from the monotony and a good laugh, head to one of his live performances in the city.

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