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About Mika Singh

A pop icon who needs no introduction, Mika Singh has made waves in the entertainment industry with his unique voice, his talents and his controversies. Brother of the famous Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi, this pop singer is one of the reasons Punjabi music is celebrated to much in Bollywood. His distinct style of singing and voice modulation have produced some chart busters in India that are enjoyed in everywhere in the world. 

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About the artist

The artist who rubs shoulders with the biggest names in the Indian music world began as a Kirtan singer. Initially wanting to become a music director, Mika began playing the tabla when he was just 8. He also learnt instruments like harmonium and guitar as a teenager. 

Mika Singh’s name is practically in synonymous with an exhilarating performance. His distinct voice and style of singing has helped him in carving a niche for himself in the Hindi music industry.

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Born as Amrik Singh, in Patna, this prolific singer adopted Mika Singh as his stage name, through which he is known world- wide. His elder brother Daler Mehndi is a popular singer as well. His parents were the earliest musical influences as they provided him with vast musical exposure from a very early age. 

Mika has given his voice to some of the biggest chart busters of various Bollywood movies. Even his solo albums have been a hit among the masses, young and adults alike. Amongst a wide catalogue of songs, the prominent ones are " Ae ganpat chal daru la" (Shootout at Lokhandwala), "Mauja Hi Mauja" (Jab We Met), "Dhinka Chika" (Ready), "Subah Hone Na De" (Desi Boyz) and the list is endless.He has given a distinct identity to Punjabi music through his success.

Credits Mika Singh

His tracks like Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag, Gabru, Dunalli and Something Something have shaped the current Indian pop scene. 

Inspired by his mother's habit of helping others, Mika started an NGO called 'Divine Touch'.

Mika been endowed with multitude of talents as apart from being a euphonious singer, he is also a composer, songwriter and music director in his own right. His shows and events are always sold out, considering his popularity is huge among his fans across all ages.

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