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About Mayank Pandey

3 years ago when Mayank Pandey entered the comedy scene in India, little did he know he would soon be a big name in the local comedy circuit. In spite of stand-up comedy being a widely unaccepted career choice, one cannot deny that it is the latest trend in the Indian live entertainment industry. It looks like it’s here to last. Clubbing is taking a back step in the metro cities and live stand-up comedy performances have become the new hangout destination.

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Mayank Pandey is a talented comedian based out of the capital city of New Delhi. With years of experience, he now setting new benchmarks in Indian comedy and widely recognized on social media. This talented comedian does his gigs in Hinglish and his narrations resonate with the urban crowd. Mayank has performed at many open mics and comedy shows in almost all the clubs in the capital city. Widely known for his video titled “Things you wish you could tell your boss” his talks make you laugh at your screwed up life. He talks about his school life, movies and anything to everything which he finds stupid.

Image courtesy Official Facebook page

Mayank Pandey made his first big break in media when he performed at an NDTV show called Rising Stars. With successive performances, he gained a reputation for revealing the funny side of even the most mundane of everyday events. Mayank Pandey won the NDCC open mic competition held back in the year 2014. He also won the first prize at the Gurgaon corporate fest stand up competition organised by 28 degree north and Times of India. 

A known stand-up comedian in Delhi, he has performed at many open mic sessions, clubs shows, corporate shows and private functions. His brand of observational humour is delightful as he talks about his life stories with an amusing effect. Mayank Pandey is highly rated and his performances are carefully curated to guarantee you an evening of laughter and happiness.

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